CMOS Image Sensors by Gpixel

Gpixel Inc. is a design house in Changchun, China, which specializes in manufacturing high-end CMOS image sensors for industrial, medical and scientific applications.

Gpixel offers CMOS image sensors for a wide variety of applications. The product range includes full-frame sensors with extremely high resolution, very low noise (<2[e]), high dynamic range (>100dB) and ultra-high speed (>2Gpix/s).

Eureca offers the entire product range of Flächensensoren (for fast, high-resolution image capture) and Zeilensensoren (for accurate high-speed inspection).

In addition to these standard sensors, Gpixel Inc. also develops custom CMOS image sensors:

  • Sensors with high resolution
  • Sensors with high sensitivity and low noise
  • Sensors with high dynamic range
  • Backside illuminated sensors
  • Production in large quantities
    Please contact us if interested!

Please contact us if interested!

Area Scan Sensors

lution [MP]
Pixel size
area [mm×mm]
GSENSE4040169 × 9Rolling36.8 × 36.8Monochrome
GMAX250992.5 × 2.5Global10.5 × 5.4Monochrome, RGB Color
GMAX250552.5 × 2.5Global6.5 × 5.4Monochrome, RGB Color
GMAX0806432.8 × 2.8Global22.16 × 15.22Monochrome, RGB Color
GMAX050526002.5 × 2.5Global12.8 × 12.8Monochrome, RGB Color
GSENSE2020BSI46.5 × 6.5Rolling13.3 × 13.3Monochrome
GSENSE60603710 × 10Rolling61.44 × 61.44Monochrome
GMAX4651514.6 × 4.6Global38.75 × 27.75Monochrome, RGB Color
GMAX3265653.2 × 3.2Global29.9 × 22.4Monochrome, RGB Color
GSENSE400BSI411 × 11 Rolling 2.528 × 22.528Monochrome
GSENSE6060BSI3710 × 10Rolling61.44 × 61.44Monochrome
GSENSE202046.5 × 6.5Rolling13.3 × 13.3Monochrome
GSENSE201126.5 × 6.5Rolling13.3 × 7.5Monochrome
GSENSE400411 × 11Rolling22.528 × 22.528Monochrome
GSENSE5130154.25 × 4.25Rolling21.5 × 12.6Monochrome, RGB Color

Version: 03-10-2020

Line Scan Sensors

lution [K]
Pixel size
area [mm×mm]
GL3208325 × 5Global163.84 × 0.04Monochrome, RGB Color
GL1608165 × 5Global81.92 × 0.04Monochrome, RGB Color
GL02046 / 214.01 × 14.01 / 4.67 × 4.67Global31.5Monochrome, RGB Color
GL081685 × 5Global41.61 × 0.08Monochrome, RGB Color
GL040247 × 7Global28.67Monochrome, Bayer Color

Version: 03-10-2020

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