New: Dragonfly® S USB3 by FLIR [ 2.26.2024 ]

Teledyne FLIR has expanded its portfolio with the new Dragonfly® S USB3 camera series. With its modular design and compact, lightweight construction, the series is suitable for large-scale manufacturing imaging applications, volume-based applications and multi-camera systems.

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Possible applications include biometric kiosk solutions, ophthalmoscopy, 3D scanning or automated optical inspection. Our technicians will be happy to advise you on the cameras and possible accessories.

Research and teaching discount [ 9.12.2023 ]

Line scan camera modules

We're expanding our commitment to research and education by introducing a special discount on our USB line scan cameras for applications in these domains.

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This discount is applicable to orders from accredited institutes and educational establishments. Just a brief and informal explanation of how the cameras will be used for research or teaching is all that's required.

Examples of uses in research and teaching.

First application notes for our line scan camera modules of the e9u-LSMD-TCD1304 series [ 1.26.2023 ]

Line scan camera module

Our first application notes describe a Czerny-Turner spectrometer.

Further application notes on interesting topics will be published in a loose sequence.

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Due to their small size, these camera modules are ideal for building compact optoelectronic measuring devices. A high line rate and a wide range of possible exposure times enable use in a variety of applications. The low price also makes these modules interesting for research, teaching and the maker scene.

Eureca Messtechnik GmbH has specialized on supplying a large variety of CCD/CMOS sensors from different manufacturers. We try to supply (nearly) all suitable sensors for your application in every volumes.

We can deliver image sensors from Caeleste, CMOS-Sensor Inc., Sony, Toshiba and AMS (TAOS). Sensors from other manufacturers can be delivered on request.

From many sensor types we can supply also smaller volumes for evaluation purposes, which can be delivered fast from stock. Further we provide the service to supply obsolete sensors. For doing this we try to locate remaining stocks worldwide with the help of our partner companies.

Beside image sensors we offer many accessories as sockets and several services. We can e.g. remove the glass cover of many sensors and put on special filters onto the sensor. Further we can apply a special UV coating to the sensors, which increases the sensitivity in the ultraviolet spectral range.

For some sensors we can supply USB camera boards. Further we offer camera systems from different manufacturers.

We support you in developing your own camera systems and give you technical advise while selecting the most suitable accessories as e.g. lenses, filters, peltier elements, and many more.

Last update: 2019-10-10