Announcement of price adjustment [ 12.1.2021 ]

Teledyne FLIR price changes from December 1st, 2021

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Due to the changed situation on the raw material market, the prices had to be adjusted. We will continue to try to get the best price for you. Our team will be happy to advise you:

[ 6.23.2021 ]

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German distributor for FLIR industrial machine vision cameras [ 12.17.2020 ]

Eureca is now the official distributor of industrial image processing cameras from FLIR for the German market. There is a wide range of camera types to choose from with different sensor sizes via USB or GigE interfaces.

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Eureca can modify the cameras for extended applications, for example removing the sensor glass cover or applying a UV coating. We also offer the supply of suitable lenses, filters and LED lights for the FLIR cameras.

Now also lighting from OPT [ 11.11.2020 ]

The Chinese manufacturer OPT offers a wide range of different LED lights.

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Eureca offers you a large number of models from the standard lighting series from OPT Machine Vision. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of components for your application. Contact us!

Eureca Messtechnik GmbH has specialized on supplying a large variety of CCD/CMOS sensors from different manufacturers. We try to supply (nearly) all suitable sensors for your application in every volumes.

We can deliver image sensors from Caeleste, CMOS-Sensor Inc., Sony, Toshiba and AMS (TAOS). Sensors from other manufacturers can be delivered on request.

From many sensor types we can supply also smaller volumes for evaluation purposes, which can be delivered fast from stock. Further we provide the service to supply obsolete sensors. For doing this we try to locate remaining stocks worldwide with the help of our partner companies.

Beside image sensors we offer many accessories as sockets and several services. We can e.g. remove the glass cover of many sensors and put on special filters onto the sensor. Further we can apply a special UV coating to the sensors, which increases the sensitivity in the ultraviolet spectral range.

For some sensors we can supply USB camera boards. Further we offer camera systems from different manufacturers.

We support you in developing your own camera systems and give you technical advise while selecting the most suitable accessories as e.g. lenses, filters, peltier elements, and many more.

Last update: 2019-10-10