CIS modules and CMOS Sensors by CMOS Sensors Inc.

CMOS Sensor Inc. manufactures a range of CMOS linear sensors with different resolutions. These can either be used singly or assembled into a longer series. Areas of application include amongst other things the industrial quality control and the consumer market. However, the products of this manufacturer have also been used successfully in other applications, for example in the aerospace industry. Eureca is the European sales office for CMOS Sensor Inc.

CMOS sensors and CIS modules
CIS (Contact Image Sensor) modules consist of a linear array of CMOS detectors, a linear lens array as well as a LED lighting for illumination, all housed in a compact housing. Applications include scanners and fax machines as well as the inspection of flat products. If one of the standard types listed below is not suitable for your application, it can in many cases be modified accordingly even for relatively small quantities. Please contact us in such cases to examine together the exact possibilities.
IPL-Camera (Industrial Line Scan Camera)
For scanning tasks in the industrial sector, CMOS Sensor Inc. supplies a number of special CIS modules. These offer a sturdy metal housing and a very high line scan rate, so that even very fast moving materials can be tested.
Space Satellite Sensor
Surface sensors from CMOS Sensor Inc. were already part of space missions, but are also used in other high-end applications, such as in the industrial sector.

CMOS Linear Sensors and »Contact Image Sensor« (CIS) Modules

CMOS Linear Sensors

CIS modules consist of rows of CMOS image sensors, LED lighting and linear optics in a compact housing. The individual CMOS image sensor chips are manufactured on wafers and can be used in a variety of applications such as check readers, color scanners, digital copiers, mark readers, barcode readers, OCR, edge detectors, positioning and optical encoding and more.

CIS Wafer

The table provides an overview of the specifications of the available sensors. Not all are listed in the modules presented below, as these are not available in small quantities. In principle, however, all possible variations (in larger quantities) can be ordered and produced. Please contact us for an individual offer!

CIS Module DPI Pixels Image Length
Pixel Rate Color
C106 200 64 8 5M B/W
C116 300/600 288 12 8M Color
C118 200/400 64 8 8M Color
C128 100/200 132 13,77 20M Color
C168 100/200 144 18,29 20M Color
C206 300/600 344 14,55 10M Color

»Contact-Image-Sensor« (CIS) Modules

These individual CMOS image sensor chips are also designed for the application of Silicon Butting Contact Image Sensor (CIS) modules. A chip can be connected to another chip to form a long image sensor module. CIS modules are elementary components of many fax machines and scanners. Modules are available in the standard lengths of 24 mm, A9, A8, A6, A4, A3, ..., A0 in resolutions from 100 to 600 dpi.

The CIS modules listed here are optimized for scanning documents in »contact mode«. This means that the object to be scanned is guided past the sensor on the front glass plate.

For applications where a greater working distance is required, the modules can be disassembled to separate the individual components for example in a custom housing at the appropriate new intervals. In this way, these modules can also be used for the control of continuous goods in the industry (films, fabric, paper and the like).

It should be noted, however, that the working distance to the CIS module is maintained very precisely by good guidance of the object to be tested in order to be able to use the optimum optical resolution of the module.

The CIS modules can also be supplied on request with a minimum order quantity and without a linear optic and LED board. Hereby they can be used as a long CMOS line sensor for for example the position detection of laser beams.

From a certain order quantity, customized modifications of the modules are generally possible. These include, i.a. customer-specific housings, several parallel data outputs to increase the read-out speed or the assembly with special LEDs. Likewise, the individual CMOS sensors from which the CIS modules are made internally are available for own OEM projects in wafer form. Please contact us if interested.

IPL-Camera (Industrial Line Scan Camera)

The IPL camera is a line scan camera for industrial applications and suitable for the flat surface AOI inspection. These cameras have been developed for applications that require large-format optical scanning of materials and require a continuous, undistorted image. Available in 0.25–1.25 m (up to 3 m or longer), so for example the inspection of a Gen 8.5 LCD production line with a 2.2 m × 2.6 m glass substrate is possible with an IPL camera at least 2.25 m long.

The IPL camera is compact, robust, and all internals like lens, sensors, circuitry, etc. are housed into just one unit. So manufacturers get a reliable, low maintenance, and cost effective solution for providing the highest quality products to their customers.

Technical details

  • Image Length: 0.25–1.25 m (up to 3 m or longer)
  • Resolution: 300, 600, 1200 DPI
  • Scan Rate: 100 Hz–18 kHz lines per second @ 600 DPI
  • Pixel Clock Rate: 8 MHz fixed
  • Exposure Control: 50 µs–10 ms
  • Interface: Camera Link
  • Output: One Camera Link per 0.25 m
  • Connector: 26-pin MDR
  • Light Source Control: 4 different light sources
  • Operating Temperature: 0–50 °C, stationary ambient air, freestanding
  • Power Supply: 5 V DC


  • Glass inspection
  • LCD, OLED process inspection
  • LCD, OLED panel inspection
  • Thin film solar panel process inspection
  • LCD Back light panel inspection
  • PCB inspection
  • Web inspection
  • Printing press inspection
  • Textile inspection
  • Metal can inspection
  • Any flat surface

We will gladly send you a detailed data sheet on request!

Lieferbar in Scanlängen von 260mm bis über 3000mm:

Scanner model Scan length [m] Pixel number
S-206-0260 0.26 6172
S-206-0520 0.52 12384
S-206-1040 1.04 24768
S-206-1560 1.56 37152
S-206-2080 2.08 49536
S-206-2600 2.60 61920
S-206-3120 3.12 74304

Space Satellite Sensor

The following products were originally developed for use in space conditions and can be delivered as specified and tested accordingly. Of course, they are also available for other demanding applications, for example in the industry.

C468 for CMOS MSOC

  • 12,000 pixels of PAN and 6,000 pixels of four Multi-spectral (B, G, R, NIR)
  • Extra high speed (0.3 ms per line integration time)
  • 10 µm × 10 µm for PAN and 20 µm × 20 µm for Multi-spectral

Example image with scale

Topographic Map of Taiwan, captured by C468

C640 for 3D Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC)

  • 4000 pixel linear image sensor, PGA, 12 bit ADC output
  • Destructive / Non destructive readout mode
  • Global exposure control pin to control integration time
  • Low fixed pattern noise, high dynamic range

C650 for Hyper-Spectral Camera (Hysl)

  • 256 x 512 area sensor, PGA, 12 bit ADC output
  • 50 µm × 50 µm pixel size
  • Snap shot function, up to 250 ms integration time
  • Row wise response compensation, dark voltage cancellation
  • < 1 % of the linearity

Moon Mission

Radiation specifications are:

  • CCD < 100 krad
  • CMOS < 300 krad

Focal Plane Array (Space Camera)

  • Pan: 12,000 pixel, 10 µm pitch, @ 297 µs ± 5 % integration time
  • MS (4 bands): 6,000 pixels, 20 µm pitch, @ 594 µs ± 5 % integration time
  • Band to band registration error < 1 µm
  • Band to band flatness < 1 µm
  • Band to band peak elevation < 1 µm

SNR Requirements

You want to learn more about CMOS space sensors? Here are two documents provided by CMOS Sensor Inc. on their Space Satellite Sensor subpage.

Some information about these products is also available as PDF flyer .

Type Pixel Pixel Size [µm] Output Remarks
CMOS-Sensor for Space Applications C640 C640 4000 7 x 7 12Bit digital Single Frame / Multi-Frame Pixel Capture Operating Mode for 3D Terra Mapping Camera (TMC) application
CMOS-Sensor for Space Applications C650 C650 256 x 512 50 x 50 12Bit digital Large image area, row wise gain compensation, long integration time for Hyper Spectral Imager (HySI) camera application
Both sensors offer
  • 12-Bit A/D Converter;
  • Band-Gap Regulator;
  • PGA, Exposure control;
  • I2C, SRAM (only for area sensors);
  • Dark signal correction;
  • LVDS interface.
Compared to CCD Sensors
  • very low power consumption;
  • excellent linearity and reliability;
  • very low noise;
  • small size and easy handling;
  • very good interference suppression of the supply voltage.

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