CCD/CMOS Image Sensors

We supply a wide variety of CCD/CMOS image sensors from different manufacturers in all quantities.

In addition to the delivery of standard products from renowned manufacturers, we also offer the service to develop and manufacture customized CMOS image sensors. This provides the ability to get a sensor for a particular application that is tailor-made to meet the desired specifications. In addition to the unique feature that such special customer-specific sensors offer, this also avoids the supply problems that arise when using standard products when they are discontinued after the (often quite short) product life.

We are the German representative of the Belgian company Caeleste, with whom we carry out many of these custom sensor developments. For CMOS Sensor Inc. we are the European sales office. This manufacturer provides low-cost CMOS linear sensors and CIS modules used in fax machines and scanners.

Together with partner companies, we offer a procurement service for obsolete sensors in order to localize surplus stocks of such sensors worldwide.

In addition to the pure sensors, you will also find accessories such as sockets at Eureca, supplemented by various services. So we can remove the glass cover of many sensors and put customized filters onto the sensors. A special UV-sensitive coating extends the usable spectral range of image sensors to the ultraviolet range.

Manufacturer Technology Sensor Type Remarks
CCD CMOS CIS Linear Area
AMS       CMOS linear sensors for higher volumes. Sensors with long line of pixels available. Easy operation via TTL compatible signals.
Caeleste Logo Customized CMOS image sensors für high-performance applications in Medical, Space imaging, Automotive, Factory automation, Biometrics, Scientific imaging, Spectroscopy and other.
Eureca is the german representative of Caeleste.
Logo of CMOS Sensor Inc.
CMOS Sensor Inc.
    Low cost CMOS linear sensors for higher volumes. Standard resolutions (200, 600, 1200 dpi). By combining several sensors CIS modules are possible. Easy operation via TTL compatible signals.

Eureca is the sales office in Europe for products by CMOS Sensor Inc.
Imagica Logo CMOS linear sensors for measurement applications and CIS sensors.
Logo of GPixel High-end CMOS image sensor solutions for industrial, medical and scientific applications, Customized CMOS image sensors.
Sony   CCD sensors for various applications. Available even in small volumes.
TOSHIBA Logo       Low cost CCD sensors for various applications.

Eureca Messtechnik GmbH officially represents the companies Caeleste and CMOS Sensor Inc. We expressly point out that there are no distribution or other contracts (except verbal agreements) with all other manufacturers mentioned on this page. The purchase of the goods takes place at the most favorable conditions, either on the open market, or directly with the manufacturer. This allows us to offer the greatest possible flexibility even for products that are difficult to procure or discontinued.

All logos used are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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