Lenses and Filters


EURECA finds solutions [ 3.9.2022 ]

Eureca Messtechnik GmbH, as a specialist for technical consulting, development and supply for OEM projects, supports you when supply chains are disrupted or severely slowed down.

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Our existing network of manufacturers and suppliers enables us to find solutions with you. We localize stocks of optoelectronic components or cameras for you or find alternatives with you according to your requirements. Contact us on 0221 / 952629-0, or viae-mail or use our inquiry form to advance your projects in optoelectronics, optics or thermoelectrics.

EURECA condemns war. [ 3.7.2022 ]

Peace pidgeon



»War is no longer the ultima ratio, but the ultima irratio.« Willy Brandt, December 11, 1971 (»Krieg ist nicht mehr die ultima ratio, sondern die ultima irratio.«)


»Peace is not everything, but everything is nothing without peace.« Willy Brandt, November 3, 1981 (»Der Frieden ist nicht alles, aber alles ist ohne den Frieden nichts.«)

Price increase for Schneider Kreuznach from 04/01/2022 [ 2.20.2022 ]

Lens orders made according to an offer that was created before 03/31/2022 and is still valid will be processed at the old prices. The price increase is 5–7 %. The JADE series will not be affected by the price increases.

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We would be happy to send you an offer by e-mail or use our inquiry form.

Eureca supplies optical components, among others for use with our CCD/CMOS sensors and cameras.

Just as in the field of image sensors, our focus here is also on larger OEM projects with high quantities of listed components. However, if individual products are used in such projects and are therefore in stock, the delivery of smaller quantities is also possible. Sample quantities (among others for the construction of prototypes) can usually be delivered. If you are interested in samples or loaner devices, please contact us. We will do our best to assist you.

We supply a variety of lens types, including conventional lenses (for example established camera lenses, prime lenses), telecentric lenses for mostly industrial use, and CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) lenses. Our available manufacturers are among others:

For special needs and applications, we also offer linear lenses (gradient lens arrays) for use with CCD/CMOS linear sensors, and also special additional components.

Interference filters are available as bandpass filters with high transmission values and excellent blocking values outside the transmissions range, and fluorescence filters in various standard sizes.

Special additional components such as neutral density filters for the defined attenuation of light, inexpensive color filters made of plastic as customer specific cut, quarz glasses with special coating for UV applications and infrared filters for applications with IR illuminations complete the offer.

A particular specialty of Eureca Messtechnik GmbH is the development and production of diffractive optical elements (DOEs, holography). We support our customers from the determination of feasible specifications to the calculation of DOEs and prototyping.

Last update: 2022-04-10