Open-Source Spectrometer CTS-150

with a Eureca Line Scan Camera

The CTS-150 is a new high-resolution spectrometer that has been specially designed for use in research and teaching. As an open-source project, all information on the elements used is open, so that spare parts or extensions can be easily produced using a 3D printer and laser cutter if required. Both the arrangement and the design of the elements are kept simple and easy to understand in order to facilitate the teaching of learning content.

  • spectrometer in Czerny-Turner arrangement with 150 mm focal length
  • with light-tight housing made of MDF and PLA with carrying handles
  • holder for optical components made of PLA using 3D printing technology
  • housing made from MDF plates using a laser cutter
  • all CAD files for holders and blanks freely available
  • resolution: 0.17 nm/pixel; covered spectral range: 620 nm
  • easy handling due to signal coupling via optical fiber
  • USB detector with 3648~pixels for easy operation with PC or notebook
  • simple control via DLL; Open Source Python example codes available
  • including adjustment aid with HighPower white light LED, laser and glow lamp
  • supplied fully assembled and adjusted
  • 899 € including VAT

The possible applications in the STEM field are diverse and include the spectroscopy of light sources (technology), the evaluation of emission spectra (physics/chemistry), transmission measurements of extracted dyes (biology) or the programming of evaluation routines and user interfaces (computer science).

BMBF funded

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Last update: 2024-25-02