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EURECA finds solutions [ 3.9.2022 ]

Eureca Messtechnik GmbH, as a specialist for technical consulting, development and supply for OEM projects, supports you when supply chains are disrupted or severely slowed down.

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Our existing network of manufacturers and suppliers enables us to find solutions with you. We localize stocks of optoelectronic components or cameras for you or find alternatives with you according to your requirements. Contact us on 0221 / 952629-0, or viae-mail or use our inquiry form to advance your projects in optoelectronics, optics or thermoelectrics.

EURECA condemns war. [ 3.7.2022 ]

Peace pidgeon



»War is no longer the ultima ratio, but the ultima irratio.« Willy Brandt, December 11, 1971 (»Krieg ist nicht mehr die ultima ratio, sondern die ultima irratio.«)


»Peace is not everything, but everything is nothing without peace.« Willy Brandt, November 3, 1981 (»Der Frieden ist nicht alles, aber alles ist ohne den Frieden nichts.«)

[ 6.23.2021 ]

EURECA supports diversity

Respect. Humanity. Tolerance. Acceptance. Diversity. Hope. Peace. This is what we stand for.


Eureca offers several services related to topics of optoelectronic and thermoelectric systems.

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