USB Camera boards

Eureca offers line camera boards for use in OEM projects, small series or prototypes. Due to their small dimensions, these boards are ideal for the construction of compact measuring devices. The connection via USB enables use with common PCs or microcontrollers.

Line sensors are used, inter alia, in the following applications:

  • Spectroscopy / Spectrometry
  • Edge detection
  • Position control
  • Measuring objects
  • Scanning documents

You can choose between two camera families:

Eureca USB line scan camera boards from our own production are based on the TCD1304DG linear sensor from Toshiba. Due to their small size, they are ideal for building compact optoelectronic measuring devices. A high line rate and a wide range of possible exposure times enable use in a variety of applications. The low price also makes these modules interesting for research, teaching and the maker scene.

Spectronic Devices offers a range of boards for different sensors. These compact line scan camera modules can be connected directly to the USB port of a computer and are ideal for the self-construction of spectrometers or for use as an OEM component in optical measuring instruments. Models are available for a number of popular CCD/CMOS linear sensors.

If required, we can of course also deliver the boards of both series with refined sensors. Examples are sensors with UV coating, special filters instead of the conventional cover glass or with additional Peltier cooling.

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Last update: 2023-10-07