M106 Series: C106 CIS Modules 200 DPI

The 200 dpi contact image sensors are available in a variety of designs and sizes from 304 mm to 12 mm scanning length. The M106 series of modlues is based on the C106 silicon with 8 points per millimeter. The modules have from 1 to 3 video outputs. These devices can be configured to meet your specific design needs.

Sample image of the C106 module


  • 200 dpi – 8 dots per millimeter
  • 125 µm pixel pitch from center to center
  • High sensitivity
  • Internal gain
  • 5 V power supply
  • Low power consumption
length [mm]
LEDTyp. clock
rate [MHz]
Readout time per
line per colour [µs]

Version: 09-09-2022


The timing diagram shows a device with a single video output. In the example shown the device can be fully scanned in 1,728 clock cycles with a single video output. SP or Start Pulse begins the scanout process.

Timing Diagram 1 video output

This diagram indicates a device with a total of 2,436 pixels and two video outputs. This device has a minimum integration time of 1,216 clock cycles.

Timing Diagram 2 video outputs

Datasheets of the sensors are available on request. Please contact us! In addition to the modules listed above, all possible variations (in larger quantities) can be ordered and produced. Please contact us for an individual offer!

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