M206 Series: C206 CIS Modules 600 DPI

The M206-600dpi sensors are based on high-speed C206 double-rate silicon. These aluminium-only devices are designed to meet demanding commercial requirements. The dual LED lighting provides excellent signal requirements for high-speed applications.

Sample image of the C206 module


  • High speed with up to 10 MHz pixel rate
  • Sensitivity up to 100 V / Lux*Sec for 600 dpi
  • 344 × 1 image sensing elements
  • 600 dpi resolution
  • 42.3 µm pixel pitch from center to center
  • On-Chip OP amp
  • On-chip timing and clock drive
  • Single 5 V or 3.3 V power supply
  • 3.3 V input signal interface
  • Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN)
length [mm]
LEDTyp. clock
rate [MHz]
Readout time per
line per colour [µs]

Version: 09-09-2022


The C206 uses a double data rate where the video data is available on the raising and falling edges of the clock. This device requires 27 clock signals before video data is ready to be read.

Timing Diagram

Datasheets of the sensors are available on request. Please contact us! In addition to the modules listed above, all possible variations (in larger quantities) can be ordered and produced. Please contact us for an individual offer!

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