Eureca USB camera boards for linear sensors

Eureca offers a new family of USB line scan camera boards from its own production, based on the TCD1304DG linear sensor from Toshiba. Due to their small size, they are ideal for building compact optoelectronic measuring devices. A high line rate and a wide range of possible exposure times enable use in a variety of applications. The low price also makes these modules interesting for research, teaching and the maker scene.

Starter kit with sensors and various e9u-LSMDs.

Possible applications are:

  • Spectroscopy / Spectrometry
  • Edge detection
  • Position control
  • Measuring objects
  • Scanning documents

We present some applications in more detail on a separate page.

Line scan camera modules

The modules of the line scan camera family are available in two basic versions.

STD: Standard Version

This version offers a balanced price-performance ratio and is suitable for a variety of applications and different measuring tasks.

PRO: Professional Version

This version offers additional features such as an external trigger for demanding measurement tasks with lower tolerances. This significantly extends the possible uses.

Sample picture line scan camera module e9u-LSMD-1304

Typemax. Frame
Rate [fps]
Ext. Trigger
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-STD133Standard Version
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-PRO250 (t. b. d.)Professional Version
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-STD-X133Standard Version
without cover glass
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-PRO-X250 (t. b. d.)Professional Version
without cover glass
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-STD-Q133Standard Version
with quartz cover
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-PRO-Q250 (t. b. d.)Professional Version
with quartz cover
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-STD-UV133Standard Version
with UV coating, without cover glass
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-PRO-UV250 (t. b. d.)Professional Version
with UV coating, without cover glass
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-STD-UVQ133Standard Version
with UV coating, with quartz cover
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-PRO-UVQ250 (t. b. d.)Professional Version
with UV coating, with quartz cover

Version: 11-17-2023

Common values include:

  • Read out noise: 45 e
  • min. Exposure Time: 0.01 ms
  • Maximum data rate via USB: 2 MB/s
  • Supply current: < 250 mA

Line scan camera modules Open Source (OS)

Among other things the line scan cameras were developed as part of the Optocubes research project (open source modular system for agile prototyping of laser-based sensors) [Forschungsprojektes Optocubes (Open Source Systembaukasten für das Agile Prototyping laserbasierter Sensoren) – german only], which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

TypeRead out
noise [e]
Time [ms]
Time Gra-
dation [ms]
max. Frame
Rate [fps]
Frame Rate
tion [ms]
Max. Data
Rate [MB/s]
Ext. Trigger
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-OSI658150via USB: 0.4OSI Version
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-OSX658150via USB: 0.4OSX Version
e9u-LSMD-TCD1304-OSG658150via USB: 0.4OSG Version

Version: 03-21-2023

Starter set

A starter set based on a Raspberry single-board computer is also available. Only one of the camera modules, a monitor with HDMI connection, mouse and keyboard are required for commissioning. The set consists of:

Example of a starter kit e9u-LSMD with a line scan camera module

  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ or newer with attached heat sink
  • Aluminum housing or rib housing
  • Plug-in power supply 220V AC Euro plug
  • Supplied microSD card with pre-installed operating system and GUI interface (GUI: Grafical User Interface) for the separately selected camera module

Easy control

A special »EasyAccess« DLL is available for our USB line scan camera modules, with which the cameras can be put into operation very quickly and controlled for simple applications.

The initialization of the camera, the recording as well as the transfer of the acquired sensor data is done with a few simple commands. This makes this DLL ideally suited for use with Python, but also with other programming languages. Our application examples for our line scan cameras, for example, were all realized with this »EasyAccess« DLL.

For more demanding, time-critical applications, the »EasyAccess« DLL naturally still contains all the conventional functions for controlling the line scan camera for programming with e. g. C++ or similar. The »EasyAccess«-DLL is available free of charge on request. Please contact us via e-mail if you are interested.

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