USB Camera Boards from Spectronic Devices for Linear Sensors

These compact line scan camera modules from Spectronic Devices Ltd, which can be connected directly to the USB port of a computer, are ideal for the self-construction of spectrometers or for use as an OEM component in optical measuring instruments. Models are available for a number of popular CCD/CMOS linear sensors.

The modules consist of two units, which are connected to each other via a flat cable. An interface pcb contains the complete driving electronics as well as all circuits for the USB interface. An additional small pcb is used, which is ideal for mounting the sensor separate from the sensor pcb.

  • Programmable integration times
  • Internal memory for several scans (up to 512 scans with a 1024 pixel sensor)
  • UV coated versions available for many sensors
Type For Sensor Pixel number Pixel size UV Version available Remarks
USB-Board-ELIS1024 ELIS-1024A-LG 1024 125.0 x 7.8 Yes Rectangular pixels; Discontinued, remaining stock available
USB-Board-ILX511 ILX511 2048 200.0 x 14.0 Yes Discontinued, remaining stock available
USB-Board-ILX553 ILX553B 5150 7.0 x 7.0 Discontinued, remaining stock available
USB-Board-ILX554 ILX554B 2048 56.0 x 14.0 Yes Rectangular pixels; Discontinued, remaining stock available
USB-Board-ILX551 ILX551B 2048 14.0 x 14.0 Yes Discontinued, remaining stock available
USB-Board-TSL1401 TSL1401 128 63.5 x 63.5 Discontinued, remaining stock available
USB-Board-TSL210 TSL210 640 120.0 x 70.0 Discontinued, remaining stock available
USB-Board-TSL1406 TSL1406R 768 63.5 x 63.5 Very large pixels; Discontinued, remaining stock available
USB-Board-TSL1410 TSL1410R 1280 63.5 x 55.5 Very large pixels; Discontinued, remaining stock available
USB-Board-TSL1412 TSL1412R 1536 63.5 x 63.5 Very large pixels; Discontinued, remaining stock available
USB-Board-TCD1205 TCD1205DG 2048 200.0 x 14.0 Yes Rectangular pixels, high sensitivity
USB-Board-TCD1304 TCD1304DG 3648 200.0 x 8.0 Yes Rectangular pixels, high sensitivity
Version: 07-10-2023

Eureca offers at extra cost for these camera boards many ways to increase the performance through modifications. Examples are the removal of glass covers from sensors or replacing it with a special filter. Similarly, a UV coating is possible in order to use the sensor in the ultraviolet spectral range. The installation in a housing is possible. By cooling the sensor and/or the entire camera, the readout noise can be minimized.

Please contact us if you are interested in the options available for a particular model and we will gladly advise you on the options available.

Software and Driver

The software drivers are available as DLL, COM or ActiveX. Communication via the USB or RS232 port is also possible with a simple ASCII terminal. On request, the USB camera boards can be supplied with customized PID or VID. Such custom hardware allows the automatic identification and loading of specific software. The transfer rate of the recorded data is limited by the existing USB port. If the used USB port is slower than the pixel frequency of the camera, as many shots can be taken as the internal memory of the camera board can store. The USB camera boards are supplied with software drivers and a demonstration program. In addition, program examples for VisualC++, VisualBasic, Delphi and LabVIEW are included.

Mechanical Dimensions of the Boards

The following figures show the mechanical dimensions of the boards. Versions with CCD/CMOS sensors use a small sensor pcb. Here the light sensitive area of the sensor is always centered between the mounting holes of the sensor pcb. Please note that this may cause the housing to protrude beyond the sensor board on some sensors.

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