DescriptionLine scan camera board by Eureca
Articlenumber (Eureca):02.29.0002
Origin: Germany
FPGA BoardTrenz TEC0117
FPGA BrandGowin
Pre Programmed FPGA
FPGA Software Sources
Open Source (FPGA)
PC / SoC SoftwareLinux / Windows
Open Source (PC)
Pixel number3648
Pixel pitch8 µm
Pixel height200 µm
Sensor replacement
Sensor options
Digitization Depth12 bit
Read out noise (typ. rms)45 e
Linear Full Well Capacity45 ke
Full Scale Capacity75 ke
Data Word16 bit
ADC data alignmentleft justified
LSB fill type defaultwhite noise dithered
LSB fill type selectablezeros, ones, linear
Conversion Gain (typ @ 0.4 FS)@ 16 Bit: 1.3±0.1 e/LSB
Minimum Exposure Time0.01 ms
Maximum Exposure Time71 min
Exposure Time Gradation0.01 ms
Maximum Frame Rate133 fps
Minimum Frame Rate0 fps
Frame Rate Gradation0.01 ms
Frame Request via USB
Frame Request via USB Latency10 ms
Integration Start/Stop via USB
Start/Stop via USB Latency✗ ms
External Trigger Input
External Trigger Latency✗ µs
External Trigger Jitter✗ ns
External Trigger Latency (debounced)✗ µs
Isolated external Trigger Input
External Exposure Time Control
Exposure Time Control Latency
Minimum External Exposure Time
Maximum External Exposure Time
Exposure Time Control Latency (debounced)
Minimum External Exposure Time (debounced)
Trigger Output
Isolated Trigger Output
Master / Slave Synchronization
High Resolution Timestamp: Trigger
High Resolution Timestamp: Exp. Start
High Resolution Timestamp: Exp. Stop
Maximum Data Ratevia USB: 2 MB/s
Enhanced Frame Buffer
CRC32 Secured Communication
Optional External Power Supply
Supply Current< 250 mA
Size (L×B×H)62×25×24 mm
Weight22 g

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To the product series

This module uses the standard version of the TCD1304DG and is therefore suitable for general measuring tasks in the visible spectral range.

Since the sensor is socketed, it can easily be replaced by another version refined internally at Eureca. This can e. g. be sensors with the cover glass removed to avoid disturbing reflections. However, sensors coated with Lumigen to expand the usable spectral range into UV or sensors with special filters are also possible.

After replacing the sensor, the module must be recalibrated. A special automatic program is available for this, which is included in the scope of delivery of the modules.

For some of these variants, there are already module versions with the corresponding preinstalled modified sensors. You will find a corresponding list at the end of this page.

For a detailed list of all properties and comparisons to other versions of this line scan camera board, please refer to the PDF documents listed below.

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Documents for download:

Flyer of the e9u-LSMD line scan camera modules from Eureca (german)
Flyer of the e9u-LSMD line scan camera modules from Eureca (english)
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