Dimension Series

High precision for greater efficiency.

This series of 6 high-performance lenses has been specially designed for industrial applications. Each lens offers superb optical quality and is equipped with a C-mount for sensor formats up to 4/3". The lenses are ideal for precise, high-end applications where distortion, vignetting and coloring issues are needed at a minimum.

The broad spectral transmission enables new opportunities in use cases such as food and waste sorting or semiconductor inspection, while the special lens design resists climatic and mechanical challenges and provides a reliable and future-proof optical component for machine vision solutions.

Almost all lenses in the Dimension series have the same outer diameter. This ensures reliable planning when mounting them in production facilities.

  • Gears for follow-up systems to remote focus and aperture
  • Azimuthal orientation adjustment of scales for better usability
  • Innovative and precise adjustment mechanism of flange focal distance
  • Excellent optical resolution and low distortion
  • Marked location of entrance pupil
  • Fixation screws to secure settings of aperture and focus
  • Premium metal housing to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Standard C-mount and image covering of 4/3-inch sensors
  • Extended spectral transmission for VIS and NIR
View angle
(4/3″ Format)
Free working
Dimension 2.8/8 C8105.97 / 93.19 / 76.74102.12.8–22 M72 × 0.75
Dimension 2/12 C1282.53 / 70.51 / 56.001012–22M43 × 0.75
Dimension 2/18 C1862.12 / 51.22 / 39.4291.12–22M43 × 0.75
Dimension 2/25 C2545.91 / 37.41 / 28.55152.52–22M43 × 0.75
Dimension 2/35 C3534.25 / 27.49 / 20.73209.22–22M49 × 0.75
Dimension 2/50 C5024.00 / 19.37 / 14.66311.22–22M49 × 0.75

Version: 06-21-2022

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