Lenses by Ricoh (Pentax)

Ricoh provides many excellent optical products for serveral applications, especially lenses for industrial measurements.

For a long time these lenses were knwon under the name Pentax until this division was bought by Ricoh. Detailed data sheets of the Ricoh lenses are available on request.

VGA Lenses
standard equipment against vibration
2 Megapixel Lenses
especially compact design, high efficiency
5 Megapixel Lenses
Robust Fixed Focus Lenses for Advanced Image Processing Systems
5 Megapixel Lenses (New Generation)
Optimized, robust Fixed Focus Lenses for Advanced Image Processing Systems, available since October 2018
9 Megapixel Lenses (1") and 12 Megapixel Lenses (1.1")
optimized for the highest imaging quality and many years of industrial use
For Line Scan Cameras
optimized for near range with consistently high optical performance over the entire image field
Lenses for UV Cameras
optimized for the inspection of smallest surface details in the near UV range
VGA Lenses (Manual Zoom Lenses)
Universally adaptable and fully manual lenses of variable focal length (6× zoom range)

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