Test Targets

For assessing the resolution capabilities of, for example, optics and cameras, we offer test targets on which test structures with different resolutions are present. Two versions are currently available as standard.

Compared to similar products from competitors, Eureca's test targets are characterized by the fact that they can be manufactured on paper or film according to individual requirements, which is not offered to the same extent by most competitors. There is also the advantage of being able to choose between baryta paper and transparent film. This means that Eureca offers a variety of materials that are suitable for many different applications and preferences.

Application examples

Eureca's test targets are used in a wide range of applications:


Optical systems and cameras

  • Purpose: Verification and calibration of resolution and image quality.
  • Customers: Manufacturers of cameras, lenses and optical devices, research and development laboratories.


Machine vision

  • Purpose: Ensuring image quality and precision in automated inspection systems.
  • Customers: Companies that develop and use automation and inspection systems, such as in electronics manufacturing, the automotive industry and the packaging industry.


Aerial cameras and satellite optics

  • Purpose: To check the resolution and image quality of aerial and satellite cameras.
  • Customers: Aerospace organizations, military, aerial camera manufacturers.


Medical imaging

  • Purpose: Calibration and quality assurance of imaging systems such as X-ray machines, MRI scanners and other medical cameras.
  • Customers: Medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals, radiology centers.


Photography and video production

  • Purpose: Ensuring image quality and precision in professional cameras and lenses.
  • Customers: Professional photographers, film studios, production companies.


Scientific research

  • Purpose: To study and analyze the optical performance of various systems in scientific research.
  • Customers: Universities, research institutes, laboratories in the fields of physics, engineering and biology.


Quality assurance in manufacturing

  • Purpose: To check and calibrate the image quality of cameras in production environments.
  • Customers: Manufacturers in the electronics, automotive and consumer goods industries.

Siemens star resolution test pattern

The Siemens star was developed by Siemens AG (then Siemens & Halske AG) in the 1930s. With this test pattern, the quality of optical imaging systems can be checked.

  • 1–25 LP/mm
  • 20 × 20 cm
  • Barite paper 255 g: Article number: 06.28.0001
  • Transparent foil: Article number: 06.28.0003

Digital photo of the Siemens star on foil on a light table

To show how the Siemens star works, we have calculated images with HDTV resolution (i.e. 1920 × 1080 pixels, reduced to 1080 × 1080) and various levels of blurring.

With 1080 pixels and an image height of 20 cm, that is 137.16 ppi or 0.185 mm/pix. Nyquist is thus 2.7 LP/mm for monochrome and 1.35 LP/mm for color (Bayer pattern).

At higher spatial frequencies of the template, moirés occur as a result of oversampling, which can lead to problems with the evaluation, especially in machine vision applications. For metrological purposes, it is therefore often helpful to use a reasonable amount of well-defined blur.

In order to make the differences between the various blurs clear, we show composite images here (one monochrome, one color):

  • top left: without MTF limitation
  • right-top: 3.0 LP/mm @ 50 % MTF
  • right-bottom: 2.0 LP/mm @ 50 % MTF
  • left-bottom: 1.0 LP/mm @ 50 % MTF

It is important that the targets are only viewed on the monitor in 1:1 mode (click for original view), as each scaling produces additional artifacts! This type of calculation has already been well tested at Eureca and has been verified several times by practical recordings with real lenses under real conditions.

Calculated, composed Siemens star, monochrome; view only in 1:1 mode (click for original image)!

Calculated, composed Siemens star, color; view only in 1:1 mode (click for original image)!

USAF-1951 resolution test pattern

This test chart was designed by the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1951 to check the resolution of aerial cameras and other optical instruments.

  • 0.0625–28.5 LP/mm
  • 20 × 20 cm
  • Barite paper 255 g: Article number: 06.28.0002
  • Transparent foil: Article number: 06.28.0004

Digital photo of the test image on foil on a light table

The test targets are manufactured internally at Eureca. Customized versions on paper or film, with test structures individually tailored to the respective measurement task, are also possible on request.

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