Lenses by ZEISS

ZEISS produces a series of lenses with very high light efficiency, large image circles and extraordinary contrast performance. All types provide a first-class mechanic and an internal lens system completely based on glass. The full-metal focus adjustment guarantees a precise and smooth-running use.

In addition to the standard types, special versions are also available for industrial applications. These lenses of the ZF-I series are especially equipped for harsh industrial use and are for example splash-proof and specially sealed against dust. Both the aperture settings and the focus can be fixed. For this purpose, the lenses are supplied with five locking screws each, with which once set adjustments can be reliably secured. Areas of application of these types are, in addition to classical image acquisition, quality assurance, short-range photogrammetry as well as general applications in the area of »machine vision«.

Eureca has a range of lenses from the following series in the program:

  • Ventum Series: Lightweight industrial lens with E-mount for use with drones.
  • Dimension Series (C mount): High precision for greater efficiency.
  • Interlock Series (F mount, M42 mount, Interlock compact)
  • Otus Series (F mount, EF mount)
  • Classic-Baureihen (Classic Industrial Lenses: Distagon / Planar (F Mount, M42 Mount), Biogon / C-Sonnar (M42 Mount); Classic SLR Lenses (Canon EF Mount, Nikon F Mount))
  • Milvus Series (F mount, EF mount)

In addition, we offer microscopy objectives from ZEISS. Please contact us with any questions or special requests!

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Last update: 2022-22-11