Chrome Masks

Eureca offers the manufacture of custom chrome masks. These can be used to create optical elements such as gaps and gratings, as well as holograms. The latter are suitable both for generating structured light (e.g. for tasks in measurement technology) and for presenting information (e.g. logos).

The masks are manufactured using BCB chrome on SL glass with OD-5 and an accuracy of better than ± 0.3 µm.

A mask measuring 8 × 22 mm, which contains several optical elements, is currently available as a standard product. This can be used, for example, to carry out diffraction experiments on a single slit or on a double slit. In addition, the individual slits can also be used as apertures for spectroscopic experiments. Finally, a transmission hologram is included to demonstrate the technique of generating structured light using holograms.

The following elements are included at a distance of 2.54 mm:

  • 3 µm wide slit
  • 10 µm wide slit
  • 30 µm wide slit
  • 100 µm wide slit
  • 300 µm wide slit
  • Double slit, 2 × 30 µm at 300 µm spacing
  • Grating with 2 mm width, 3 µm slits with 10 µm pitch each
  • transmission hologram; creates the Eureca logo

We will gradually add other chrome masks, specializing in certain applications, to our range as standard products. Follow us, for example on LinkedIn or Instagram, if you want to stay up to date here.

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Last update: 2023-12-05