Eureca offers a range of high-quality optical filters from various categories for a wide range of applications.

Interference filters are very high quality optical filters based on interference with dielectric thin films. Due to the occurrence of multiple reflections at the front and back of the layer and the superposition of the partial beams or partial waves, these interfere with one another and extinguish or reinforce each other. By suitable combination of several layers and materials, a wide range of different filter characteristics can be created.

The effect of absorption filters, which may consist of different materials, is based on a specific absorption of certain substances embedded in the used base material. Depending on the materials used, different filter characteristics result.

Neutral density filters are used to attenuate the intensity of an incident light beam, even over a wider spectral range. The neutral density filters available from Eureca are based on a correspondingly applied metal coating on glass substrates.

In addition, Eureca offers laser cuts of various materials, primarily plastic.

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Last update: 2019-15-05