Organic Image Sensors

In cooperation with ISORG/France we offer the development and production of organic image sensors based on new semiconductor materials from the organic chemical industry. Organic photo detectors offer similar optoelectronic performances as silicon based devices, but provide additional features for new product designs.

ISORG is a pioneer in printed electronics, specializing in the design and mass production of complete optoelectronic systems based on printed photodetectors, as well as the development of customized OEM solutions.

Printed organic image sensors consist of photodiodes with adaptive form factor and are fabricated by depositing and patterning organic materials on a plastic or glass substrate. Using adhesive strips or foils, the sensors can be integrated into existing conventional electronic boards. In addition, it is possible to combine on the same substrate the printed photodetectors with standard silicon components such as operational amplifiers or microcontrollers.

Organic photodetectors can also be combined with various transistor technologies, such as amorphous silicon transistors or transistors in organic electronics (OTFT). A very favorable cost-to-space ratio resulting from large-scale printing process solutions opens the door to many new applications. Flexible and robust against vibration and impact, these sensors are ideal for use in portable devices as well.

  • Large spectral range (from the visible to the near infrared)
  • Low power consumption
  • High sensitivity of 0.3A/W (at 620nm)
  • EQE: 50% to 60%
  • Large possible image areas with high fill factor (over 90%)
  • Large dynamic range of up to 80dB
  • Low dark current: <1nA/cm²
  • Low temperature dependence of the electro-optical specifications

The possible pixel sizes of organic image sensors vary from 1–0.5mm for interactive displays over 150μm for imaging X-ray sensors up to 80-50μm for fingerprint scanning, biometrics, diagnostics or other imaging applications.

Possible applications of organic image sensors include among others Photodetectors, biometric sensors, bar code and tag code readers, document and surface scanning,large area X-ray image sensors in body and dental imaging, fingerprint images, medical applications, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, wearable devices, 3D gesture recognition and object or position detection.

ISORG's organic image sensors are currently being produced as customized products, optimized for the application in question. Please contact us to check if this technique is also suitable for your application.

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