GigE Cameras

The GigE cameras by FLIR provide some of the best price performance in the industry. They use highly sensitive, reliable sensors and come packed with many features.

With form factors that include the world's smallest GigE and POE cameras as well as the world’s only hybrid IP/Machine Vision camera, FLIR’s GigE camera range offers unbeatable price performance as well as unique features. The Blackfly line is the world's smallest PoE camera and the Flea cameras are the world’s smallest GigE cameras.

As the official distributor, Eureca offers the possibility to make several modifications for the cameras from FLIR. Thus, for example the cover glass of the sensor can be removed or replaced by a special filter. Similarly, a UV coating of the sensor is possible to use it also in the ultraviolet spectral range. By cooling the sensor and/or the entire camera the readout noise can be minimized. Due to the large range of different models, it is generally not possible to say which of these options are possible or even meaningful for a specific camera. Therefore, please contact us if you are interested and we will gladly advise you about the possible options.


Blackfly Series

The Blackfly camera line combines highly sensitive sensors, industry-leading affordability, and a host of unique features for uncompromising value. Every Blackfly model comes packed with functionality designed to maximize performance and reliability, including a 16MByte frame buffer; LED status indicators; and an on-camera image processing pipeline that provides color interpolation, gamma, and lookup table functionality. The Blackfly camera weighs just 36 grams, measures 29mm x 29mm x 30mm uses 2 watts of power and is available supporting USB3 Vision or GigE Vision with Power over Ethernet.

BFLY-PGE-03S3C-CSColor0.3Sony ICX414Global shutter648 × 48890Discontinued!
BFLY-PGE-03S3M-CSMonochrome0.3Sony ICX414Global shutter648 × 48890Discontinued!
BFLY-PGE-05S2C-CSColor0.5Sony ICX693Global shutter808 × 60850Discontinued!
BFLY-PGE-05S2M-CSMonochrome0.5Sony ICX693Global shutter808 × 60850Discontinued!
BFLY-PGE-09S2C-CSColor0.9Sony ICX692Global shutter1288 × 72830Discontinued!
BFLY-PGE-09S2M-CSMonochrome0.9Sony ICX692Global shutter1288 × 72830Discontinued!
BFLY-PGE-12A2C-CSColor1.2Aptina AR0134Global shutter1280 × 96052
BFLY-PGE-12A2M-CSMonochrome1.2Aptina AR0134Global shutter1280 × 96052
BFLY-PGE-13E4C-CSColor1.3e2v EV76C560Global shutter1280 × 102460
BFLY-PGE-13E4M-CSMonochrome1.3e2v EV76C560Global shutter1280 × 102460
BFLY-PGE-13H2C-CSColor1.3Sharp RJ33J3CAODT Global shutter1288 × 96430
BFLY-PGE-13H2M-CSMonochrome1,3Sharp RJ33J3CAODTGlobal shutter1288 × 96430
BFLY-PGE-13S2C-CSColor1.3Sony ICX445Global shutter1288 × 96430Discontinued!
BFLY-PGE-13S2M-CSMonochrome1.3Sony ICX445Global shutter1288 × 96430Discontinued!
BFLY-PGE-14S2C-CSColor1.4Sony IMX104Rolling shutter1296 × 103260Discontinued!
BFLY-PGE-20E4M-CSMonochrome2.0e2v EV76C570Global shutter1600 × 120050
BFLY-PGE-20E4C-CSColor2.0e2v EV76C570Global shutter1600 × 120050
BFLY-PGE-23S2C-CSColor2.3Sony IMX136Rolling shutter1920 × 120027Discontinued!
BFLY-PGE-23S6C-CColor2.3Sony IMX249Global shutter1920 × 120041
BFLY-PGE-23S6M-CMonochrome2.3Sony IMX249Global shutter1920 × 120041
BFLY-PGE-31S4C-CColor3.2Sony IMX265Global shutter2048 × 153635
BFLY-PGE-31S4M-CMonochrome3.2Sony IMX265 Global shutter2048 × 153635
BFLY-PGE-50A2C-CSColor5.0Aptina MT9P006Rolling shutter with global reset2592 × 194413
BFLY-PGE-50A2M-CSMonochrome5.0Aptina MT9P031Rolling shutter with global reset2592 × 194413
BFLY-PGE-50H5C-CColor5.0Sharp RJ32S3AA0DTGlobal shutter2448 × 20487.5
BFLY-PGE-50H5M-CMonochrome5.0Sharp RJ32S3AA0DTGlobal shutter2448 × 20487.5
BFLY-PGE-50S5C-CColor5.0Sony IMX264Global shutter2488 × 204822
BFLY-PGE-50S5M-CMonochrome5.0Sony IMX264Global shutter2448 × 204822
BFLY-PGE-50S5M-CSNEWMonochrome5Sony IMX264Global shutter2448 × 204822

Version: 01-17-2022

Blackfly S Series

The Blackfly S is a compact, high performance machine vision camera that allows designers to easily produce the exact images they need. With features for both automatic and precise manual control over image capture and on-camera pre-processing, the Blackfly S accelerates application development.

Blackfly S GigE Camera

Blackfly S Board Level Camera

  • Blackfly S True Image Capture
    • Choice of CMOS global shutter, polarization, and high-sensitivity BSI sensors
    • Color transformation tools ensure true- to-life color
    • Advanced auto-algorithms or precise manual control
  • Develop Once, Deploy Anywhere
    • Support for a wide range of operating systems and host system hardware architectures
    • Easily switch to board level models for embedded systems
    • Simplified product iteration with consistent form factor across sensor sizes
  • Accelerate Application Development
    • Compatible with third party software and hardware
    • Less code-writing required using powerful on-camera features
    • Quickly build custom applications with rich sample code and descriptive API logging
  • Library of Resources
    • Library of Technical Application Notes, Knowledge Base articles and how-to videos

Please note: The suffix -BD2 indicates a housing-less board camera. Details can be found on the linked product detail page.

BFS-PGE-04S2C-CSColor0.4Sony IMX287Global shutter720 × 540 291
BFS-PGE-04S2M-CSMonochrome0.4Sony IMX287Global shutter720 × 540 291
BFS-PGE-13Y3C-CColor1.3ON Semi PYTHON 1300Global shutter1280 × 102484
BFS-PGE-13Y3M-CMonochrome1.3ON Semi PYTHON 1300Global shutter1280 × 102484
BFS-PGE-14Y3M-CMonochrome1.3ON Semi PYTHON 1300P1Global shutter1280 × 102492
BFS-PGE-16S2C-CSColor1.6Sony IMX273Global shutter1440 × 1080 78
BFS-PGE-16S2M-CSMonochrome1.6Sony IMX273Global shutter1440 × 1080 78
BFS-PGE-16S7C-CColor1.76Sony IMX432Global shutter1600 × 110069
BFS-PGE-16S7M-CMonochrome1.76Sony IMX432Global shutter1600 × 110069
BFS-PGE-19S4C-CColor2Sony IMX430Global shutter1616 × 124060
BFS-PGE-19S4M-CMonochrome2Sony IMX430Global shutter1616 × 124060
BFS-PGE-23S3C-CColor2.3Sony IMX392Global Shutter1920 × 120053
BFS-PGE-23S3M-CMonochrome2.3Sony IMX392Global Shutter1920 × 120053
BFS-PGE-23S3C-CSColor2.3Sony IMX392Global Shutter1920 × 120053
BFS-PGE-27S5C-CColor2.8Sony IMX429Global Shutter1936 × 146443
BFS-PGE-27S5M-CMonochrome2.8Sony IMX429Global Shutter1936 × 146443
BFS-PGE-31S4C-CColor3.2Sony IMX265Global shutter2048 × 153635
BFS-PGE-31S4M-CMonochrome3.2Sony IMX265Global shutter2048 × 153635
BFS-PGE-50S4C-CColor5Sony IMX547Global shutter2448 × 204824
BFS-PGE-50S4M-CMonochrome5Sony IMX547Global shutter2448 × 204824
BFS-PGE-50S5C-CColor5.0Sony IMX264Global shutter2448 × 204824
BFS-PGE-50S5M-CMonochrome5.0Sony IMX264Global shutter2448 × 204824
BFS-PGE-51S5PC-CPolarized5Sony IMX250MYRGlobal shutter2488 × 204824
BFS-PGE-51S5P-CPolarized5Sony IMX250MZRGlobal Shutter2448 × 204824
BFS-PGE-63S4C-CColor6.3Sony IMX178Rolling shutter with global reset3072 × 204819
BFS-PGE-63S4M-CMonochrome6.3Sony IMX178Rolling shutter with global reset3072 × 204819
BFS-PGE-70S7C-CColor7.1Sony IMX428Global Shutter3208 × 220017.4
BFS-PGE-70S7M-CMonochrome7.1Sony IMX428Global Shutter3208 × 220017.4
BFS-PGE-80S5C-CNEW!Color8.0Sony IMX546Global shutter2840 × 284015
BFS-PGE-80S5M-CNEW!Monochrome8.0Sony IMX546Global shutter2840 × 284015
BFS-PGE-88S6C-CColor8.9Sony IMX267Global shutter4096 × 2160 13.9
BFS-PGE-88S6M-CMonochrome8.9Sony IMX267Global shutter4096 × 216013.9
BFS-PGE-120S4C-CSColor12Sony IMX226Rolling shutter with global reset4000 × 300010
BFS-PGE-120S4M-CSMonochrome12Sony IMX226Rolling shutter with global reset4000 × 300010
BFS-PGE-120S4M-CNEW!Monochrome12Sony IMX226Rolling shutter with global reset4000 × 300010
BFS-PGE-120S6C-CNEW!Color12.3Sony IMX545Global shutter4096 × 300010
BFS-PGE-120S6M-CNEW!Monochrome12.3Sony IMX545Global shutter4096 × 300010
BFS-PGE-122S6C-CColor12.3Sony IMX304Global shutter4096 × 300010
BFS-PGE-122S6M-CMonochrome12.3Sony IMX304Global shutter4096 × 300010
BFS-PGE-123S6P-CPolarized12.3Sony IMX253MZRGlobal shutter4096 × 300010
BFS-PGE-161S7C-CColor16.1Sony IMX542Global shutter5320 × 30327
BFS-PGE-161S7M-CMonochrome16.1Sony IMX542Global shutter5320 × 30327
BFS-PGE-200S6C-CColor20Sony IMX183Rolling shutter with global reset 5472 × 3648 6.1
BFS-PGE-200S6M-CMonochrome20Sony IMX183Rolling shutter with global reset 5472 × 3648 6.1
BFS-PGE-200S7C-CNEW!Color12.3Sony IMX541Global shutter4504 × 45046
BFS-PGE-200S7M-CNEW!Monochrome12.3Sony IMX541Global shutter4504 × 45046
BFS-PGE-244S8C-CColor24.5Sony IMX540Global shutter5320 × 46005
BFS-PGE-244S8M-CMonochrome24.5Sony IMX540Global shutter5320 × 46005
BFS-GE-122S6C-BD2Color12.3Sony IMX304Global shutter4096 × 300010
BFS-GE-122S6M-BD2Monochrome12.3Sony IMX304Global shutter4096 × 300010
BFS-GE-16S2C-BD2Color1.6Sony IMX273Global Shutter1440 × 108078
BFS-GE-16S2M-BD2Monochrome1.6Sony IMX273Global Shutter1440 × 108078
BFS-GE-50S5C-BD2Color5.0Sony IMX264Global shutter 2448 × 2048 24
BFS-GE-50S5M-BD2Monochrome5.0Sony IMX264Global shutter 2448 × 2048 24
BFS-GE-88S6C-BD2Color8.9Sony IMX267Global shutter4096 × 216013
BFS-GE-88S6M-BD2Monochrome8.9Sony IMX267Global shutter4096 × 2160 13

Version: 12-07-2022

Flea3 Series

This series is completely discontinued!

The Flea3 line of USB3 Vision, GigE Vision and FireWire cameras offers a variety of CMOS and CCD image sensors in ultra-compact, low-cost packages. Measuring just 29mm x 29mm x 30 mm, the Flea3 has the same small, lightweight form factor as many industry-standard »ice cube« analog cameras. The Flea3 also offers a host of features, including enhanced opto-isolated GPIO; a 32 megabyte frame buffer; non-volatile user data storage; various trigger modes; on-camera processing including color interpolation, look up table, gamma correction, and pixel binning functionality. To maximize reliability, the Flea3 provides a unique set of features including on-camera power, temperature, and status monitoring; and in-field updatable firmware.

FL3-GE-03S1C-CColor0.3Sony ICX618Global shutter648 × 488120Discontinued!
FL3-GE-03S1M-CMonochrome0.3Sony ICX618Global shutter648 × 488120Discontinued!
FL3-GE-03S2M-CMonochrome0.3Sony ICX424Global shutter648 × 48882Discontinued!
FL3-GE-13S2C-CColor1.3Sony ICX445Global shutter1288 × 96431Discontinued!
FL3-GE-13S2C-CSColor1.3Sony ICX445Global shutter1288 × 96431Discontinued!
FL3-GE-13S2M-CSMonochrome1.3Sony ICX445 Global shutter1288 × 96431Discontinued!
FL3-GE-14S3C-CColor1.4Sony ICX267Global shutter1384 × 103218Discontinued!
FL3-GE-14S3M-CMonochrome1.4Sony ICX267Global shutter1384 × 103218Discontinued!
FL3-GE-20S4C-CColor2.0Sony ICX274Global shutter1624 × 122415Discontinued!
FL3-GE-20S4M-CMonochrome2.0Sony ICX274Global shutter1624 × 122415Discontinued!
FL3-GE-28S4C-CColor2.8Sony ICX687Global shutter1928 × 144815Discontinued!
FL3-GE-28S4M-CMonochrome2.8Sony ICX687Global shutter1928 × 144815Discontinued!
FL3-GE-50S5C-CColor5.0Sony ICX655Global shutter2448 × 20488 Discontinued!
FL3-GE-50S5M-CMonochrome5.0Sony ICX655Global shutter2488 × 20488Discontinued!

Version: 01-31-2022

Grasshopper3 Series

The Grasshopper3 camera line provides high-performance, high-quality imaging by combining FLIR expertise with the latest in CCD and CMOS technology. The Grasshopper3 line leverages multi-tap Sony EXview HAD CCD II sensors, Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS, and offers unique low noise imaging modes important in scientific applications. Supporting USB 3.1 and GigE with Power over Ethernet, these cameras are ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications including flat panel inspection, 3D measurement, ophthalmology, flow-scanning cytometry, and fluorescence imaging.

GS3-PGE-23S6C-CColor2.3Sony IMX174Global shutter1920 × 120048
GS3-PGE-23S6M-CMonochrome2.3Sony IMX174Global shutter1920 × 120048
GS3-PGE-50S5C-CColor5.0Sony ICX625Global shutter2448 × 204815Discontinued!
GS3-PGE-50S5M-CMonochrome5.0Sony ICX625Global shutter2488 × 204815Discontinued!
GS3-PGE-60S6C-CColor6.0Sony ICX694Global shutter2736 × 219213Discontinued!
GS3-PGE-60S6M-CMonochrome6.0Sony ICX694Global shutter2736 × 219213Discontinued!
GS3-PGE-91S6C-CColor9.1Sony ICX814Global shutter3376 × 27049Discontinued!
GS3-PGE-91S6M-CMonochrome9.1Sony ICX814Global shutter3376 × 27049Discontinued!

Version: 01-31-2022

Grasshopper2 Series

This series is completely discontinued!

The fully redesigned Grasshopper2 camera series is the next generation version of the high performance Grasshopper and offers users a GigE Vision digital interface and a FireWire 800 (1394b) interface. The Grasshopper2 uses the same form factor as the existing Grasshopper and a unique selection of image sensors, and adds several new features, including enhanced opto-isolated general purpose I/O and improved imaging performance.

GS2-GE-20S4C-CColor2.0Sony ICX274 Global shutter 1624 × 1224 29Discontinued!
GS2-GE-20S4M-CMonochrome2.0Sony ICX274 Global shutter 1624 × 1224 29Discontinued!
GS2-GE-50S5C-CColor5.0Sony ICX625Global shutter 2448 × 204815Discontinued!
GS2-GE-50S5M-CMonochrome5.0Sony ICX625Global shutter 2448 × 204815Discontinued!

Version: 01-31-2022


Oryx Series

The award winning Oryx 10GigE camera family allows systems designers to take advantage of the latest sensors by supporting transfer speeds up to 10Gbit/s enabling the capture of 4K resolution, 12-bit images at over 60FPS. Oryx’s 10GBASE-T interface is a proven and widely deployed standard that provides reliable image transfer at cable lengths over 50 meters on inexpensive CAT6A, or greater than 30m on CAT5e. The 10GBASE-T standard is supported by a robust consumer ecosystem. On-camera features including IEEE1588 clock synchronization and full compatibility with popular third-party software supporting GigE Vision, gives system designers the tools to quickly develop innovative solutions.

ORX-10G-123S6C-CColor12.3Sony IMX253Global shutter 4096 × 3000 68Interested? Contact us for details!
ORX-10G-123S6M-CMonochrome12.3Sony IMX253Global shutter 4096 × 3000 68Interested? Contact us for details!
ORX-10G-245S8CColor24.6Sony IMX530Global shutter 5320 × 460044
ORX-10G-245S8MMonochrome24.6Sony IMX530Global shutter 5320 × 460044
ORX-10G-310S9CColor31Sony IMX342Global shutter 6464 × 485226
ORX-10G-310S9MMonochrome31Sony IMX342Global shutter 6464 × 485226
ORX-10G-32S4C-CColor3.2Interested? Contact us for details!
ORX-10G-32S4M-CMonochrome3.2Interested? Contact us for details!
ORX-10G-51S5C-CColor5.0Sony IMX250Global shutter 2448 × 2048 162Interested? Contact us for details!
ORX-10G-51S5M-CMonochrome5.0Sony IMX250Global shutter 2448 × 2048 162Interested? Contact us for details!
ORX-10G-71S7C-CColor7.1Sony IMX420Global shutter 3208 × 2200112
ORX-10G-71S7M-CMonochrome7.1Sony IMX420Global shutter 3208 × 2200112
ORX-10G-89S6C-CColor8.9Sony IMX255Global shutter 4096 × 2160 93Interested? Contact us for details!
ORX-10G-89S6M-CMonochrome8.9Sony IMX255Global shutter 4096 × 2160 93Interested? Contact us for details!
ORX-10GS-123S6C-CColor12.3Sony IMX253Global shutter 4096 × 3000 68
ORX-10GS-123S6M-CMonochrome12.3Sony IMX253Global shutter 4096 × 3000 68
ORX-10GS-32S4C-CColor3.2Sony IMX252Global shutter 2048 × 1536216
ORX-10GS-32S4M-CMonochrome3.2Sony IMX252Global shutter 2048 × 1536216
ORX-10GS-51S5C-CColor5.0Sony IMX250Global shutter 2448 × 2048 162
ORX-10GS-51S5M-CMonochrome5.0Sony IMX250Global shutter 2448 × 2048 162
ORX-10GS-89S6C-CColor8.9Sony IMX255Global shutter 4096 × 2160 93
ORX-10GS-89S6M-CMonochrome8.9Sony IMX255Global shutter 4096 × 2160 93

Version: 03-10-2022

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