5 Megapixel Lenses (New Generation)

This series of high resolution fixed focal length lenses has been developed to meet the needs of advanced image processing systems. The lenses were optimized not only for highest imaging quality, but also for the hard and long-term industrial use.

The lenses are ideal for inspection, pattern recognition and object orientation applications. For large work surfaces, such as in wafer production and placement machines, the highest image sharpness from edge to edge is required.

Example photo

  • For up to 5 megapixels on 2/3″ cameras (3.45 µm)
  • Maximum resolution of 147 lp / mm from the center of the picture to the extreme corners of the picture
  • Distortion maximum 0.1 %, thus also suitable as measuring optics
  • Uniform illumination
  • High aperture of f/1.8
  • Floating elements secure excellent image quality for all focus settings
  • Stable design, robust and durable, compact
  • 3 fixing screws each (plus 2 knurled screws) for focus and aperture
  • Suitable for applications with vibrations and accelerations
Ø x length
angle hor.
FL-CC0820-5MXNEW8.02.0-160.133.0 × 43.02/3C58.530.5 × 0.5
FL-CC1218-5MX12.01.8-160.133.0 × 47.02/3C40.530.5 × 0.5
FL-CC1618-5MX16.01.8-160.133.0 × 47.02/3C30.930.5 × 0.5
FL-CC2518-5MXNEW25.01.8-160.133.0 × 50.02/3C20.030.5 × 0.5
FL-CC3524-5MXNEW35.02.4-160.133.0 × 65.52/3C14.330.5 × 0.5

Version: 05-30-2022

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