Swiron Lenses by Schneider Kreuznach

The Swiron lenses from Schneider-Kreuznach have a special SWIR-AR coating for an extended spectral range.


The Swiron high-performance lenses of the C-mount compact series are extremely robust and insensitive to harsh environmental conditions, so that the lenses retain their high optical imaging performance in industrial environments.

The secure locking of the aperture and focus setting as well as the SWIR coating from 800 to 1,800 nm are standard with all these lenses. These Swiron lenses are perfect for applications such as traffic, 3D measurement, medicine, machine vision and other imaging applications.

Key features

  • Designed for800–1,800 nm
  • High transmission
  • Distortion less than 1 %
  • Usage of highly transparent glass for SWIR range
  • Special lacquer inside the lens to minimize light scatter in the SWIR range


  • Food control
  • Packaging industy
  • Medical applications
  • Quality assurance
DesignationFocal length
ApertureDiameter of
image field [mm]
max. sensor
Order code
CHAROITE-1.4-23-C231.4–1111M30.5 × 0.52/3" (11 mm)1063163
CRYOLITE-2.8-40-V38402.8–1643.2M37 × 0.7543.2 mm1063164
CUPRITE-2.8-50-V48502.8–1625.4M43 × 0.7525.4 mm1087723
CUPRITE-2.8-50-C502.8–1625.4M43 × 0.7525.4 mm1088501

Version: 03-25-2022

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