DescriptionGrampus Line Scan Lenses
Articlenumber (Eureca):06.23.0169
Origin: China
Manufacturer: OPT
Focal length116 mm
Image circle82 mm
MountV58 mount
Weight0.54 kg
Working Distance586.8 mm
Working Distance804.8 mm
Working Distance444.8 mm
Primary Magnification0.22 ×
Primary Magnification0.26 ×
Primary Magnification0.30 ×
Distortion0.177 %
Distortion0.012 %
Distortion0.169 %
Flange distance103.8 mm
Flange distance108.4 mm
Flange distance113.1 mm
Object to image distance751.5 mm
Object to image distance674.5 mm
Object to image distance623.8 mm
Filter threadM58×P0.75

To the product series

  • Large image circle: High resolution optical design; 82 mm image circle, compatible with (16k)/5 µm, (12k)/5 µm and (8k)/7 µm line scan cameras
  • Low distortion: Total distortion < 0.025 % (at primary magnification), Min. distortion as low as 0.01 %
  • Wide magnification range: 0.22 ×–1.56 ×

For more information, please refer to the datasheet.

Documents for download:

Datasheet of the lens series
Optical Technical Data of the Lens
Dimensional Drawnig of the lens


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