Absorption Filters

In addition to interference filters based on thin-film technology, Eureca also supplies absorption filters made of different materials. The effect of these filters is based on a specific absorption of certain substances embedded in the used base material. Depending on the materials used, different filter characteristics result. With so-called short-pass filters, the transmission decreases from a certain wavelength (edge position), with long-pass filters it increases. Band filters allow light of a wider spectral range to pass through. By a combination of several filters, however, it is also possible, for example, to filter out a specific wavelength range.

Eureca also provides information about the available filters of the following filter types:

Infrared filter LP-750
Special infrared filter for use with CCD/CMOS cameras.
Plastic filter
Many types of filters available, for example for use with lighting or contrast enhancement of displays.
Coloured glass filter
Absorption filter based on Schott's well-known glass types.

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Last update: 2019-18-06