Useful information about sockets

We have put together a lot of interesting facts about sockets for you. The most important questions can usually be answered already. If you still can not find the information you need, please contact us! We advise you without obligation.

Rollerball™ Sockets
A special variant of SMD terminals, which has particularly good processing properties, e.g. during reflow soldering.
Insulation Materials
An overview of the available insulation materials.
Mounting Types
List of different types of mounting such as THT or SMD.
Low Profile
One way to block sockets without insulators.
A special technique to facilitate the assembly.
SENSTAC™ Socket Contact
Description of the structure of the terminals used in most Andon sockets.
Special form of sockets in which a heatsink is directly integrated.
Contact Surfaces
Information about the available surfaces of the terminals.
Advantages Using Sockets With the Example of Image Sensors
Why to solder the Andon sockets – and not the components themselves – to the PCB.

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