Standard sockets

BGA (Ball Grid Array)

With integrated circuits in BGA package, the SMD connectors are aligned compact at the bottom of the component. This type of housing is mainly used for complex components with many connections. 

DIP (Dual in-line Package)

An elongated housing for electronic components, where there are two rows of pins on opposite sides of the housing. For a long time, this was one of the most common design for integrated circuits, but even today there are a number of components that use this package.

LCC (Leaded Chip Carrier)

A package with J-shaped inward-curved SMD connectors, which was originally commonly used for flash memory, but is today also used for e.g. image sensors.

TO (Transistor Outline)

In addition to transistors this package is used by many other classes of electronic devices, such as laser diodes, gas sensors and much more.

PGA (Pin Grid Array)

In this package form, the individual contacts are arranged in a grid. In addition to rectangular and square designs, there are also types in which the interior of the component is free.

SIP (Single in-line Package)

Rows of contacts with different numbers. In addition to the long time mainly used grid size of 2.54mm, other grid dimensions are available.

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