Sockets with integrated heat sinks (»Heat Sink Socket™«)

Andon Electronics presents a new socket version for electronic components called »Heat Sink Socket™«, where a heat sink for the used electronic component is already integrated. Hereby, several advantages can be combined in one component. The base allows easy replacement of the socketed component for service or repair while providing effective cooling during operation.

In addition, there are the known advantages that arise from the fact that high-quality components need not already be on the board during the manufacturing process of an electronic module. This eliminates e.g. Damage due to excessive temperatures, electrostatic voltages or cleaning or fluxing agents.

Originally, this type of socket was developed for use with high-quality image sensors in which the image quality increases significantly through cooling. However, it quickly became apparent that the advantages of a socket with integrated cooling are also of interest for other types of components, such as, for example, for DC / DC converters, laser diodes, optical sensors, high performance ICs and similar.

As the specialist for plug-in bases, Andon offers a wide range of standard sockets for thousands of different electronic components, which can be equipped with the innovative integrated heat sinks on request. Due to a flexible production chain, both small and medium quantities as well as large volumes for OEM projects are possible.

The customer-specific modification or new development is one of the many strengths of Andon. The adjacent sketches show possible designs of the new socket types for color sensors of different designs. 

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