CCD/CMOS Linear and Area Cameras

Eureca has been working successfully with FLIR (formerly Point Grey) in industrial image processing for many years. Initially, the focus was on sales and advice on standard components. The positive implementation of a ZIM project for UV coating and the associated cover glass removal of sensors led to an expansion of our service portfolio.

In addition to the pure sale of FLIR cameras, we now also offer their modification in many cases, e.g. removing the sensor cover glasses or a UV coating for the sensor.

Due to the large variety of FLIR camera versions, a suitable version for a specific application can usually be found quickly. A very detailed and informative overview of the available types can be found in the periodic table of cameras from FLIR.

FireWire Cameras
FLIR offers one of the largest spectra of models in the field of FireWire cameras. An extensive selection of accessories – such as cables, host adapter cards, drivers, APIs – support the user in setting up and working out his systems.
At the end of 2019, all FireWire cameras and specific accessories have been discontinued! It is no longer possible to order these cameras and the specific accessories.

USB Cameras
FLIR offers the world's largest selection of USB3 Vision® cameras to address the demand for speed, reliability, and ease-of-use requirements.

GigE Cameras
FLIRS's GigE cameras probably offer the best value for money worldwide. They are based on highly sensitive, reliable sensors and offer enormous added value through their wealth of functionality.

We support you in the selection and procurement of the cameras, the additional components for measuring systems such as lenses, filters and lighting or also topics such as cover glass removal, UV coatings or the installation of filters.

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Last update: 2020-13-03