Dimensioning and design service for peltier based cooling applications

Eureca offers the possibility to simulate peltier based cooling applications. Hereby it is possible to determine important parameters of a cooling system in an early development stage of a new project without expensive tests.

First the needed specifications and the edge parameters of the application are fixed and based on these the optimal combination of peltier elements, heat sinks and possible accessories are determined. As a result the simulation gives not only a list of suitable components, but also an indication about e.g. attainable temperatures and cooling powers.

The possibility of a simulation is given for all components out of the supply of Eureca, but normally also a simulation with products by other manufacturers is possible.

Please contact us if you should have interest in this service and we will send you closer information.

Cable Assembly Service

In addition to supplying peltier elements, we also offer the customized assembly of these products. Possible are among others:

  • Customer-specific cable lengths and types
  • Additional layers of insulation as for example shrink tubing
  • Special markings and labels
  • Customer-specific connections such as crimp contacts

Please contact us if interested in one or more of these options. We will then create an individual quotation.

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