DescriptionColoretto Series Line Scan Lenses
Articlenumber (Eureca):06.23.0141
Origin: China
Manufacturer: OPT
Focal length100 mm
Image circle82 mm
Weight0.14 kg
Working Distance1267.1 mm
Working Distance672.1 mm
Working Distance372.1 mm
Primary Magnification0.08 ×
Primary Magnification0.17 ×
Primary Magnification0.33 ×
Distortion0.08 %
Distortion0.17 %
Distortion0.33 %
Flange distance100.2 mm
Flange distance108.5 mm
Flange distance125.2 mm
Object to image distance1400.8 mm
Object to image distance812.1 mm
Object to image distance528.8 mm

To the product series

  • High resolution optical design, compatible to line scan camera with 7 µm pixel
  • Relative distortion is below 0.05 %
  • Broad spectrum range is from 400–900 nm and achromatic design
  • Suitable for up to 82 mm image circle of line and area scan camera

For more information on matching sensor formats and fields of view, please refer to the datasheet.

Documents for download:

Datasheet of the lens series
Optical Technical Data of the Lens


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Last update: 04.29.2021

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