CCD/CMOS image sensors and driving electronics

We offer the complete development of driving and support electronics for CCD/CMOS image sensors. There exist already many circuits for several applications and sensor types, which can be modified quite fast for a new requirement. If requested, we supply also these components later regularly for series production.

Not always a suitable sensor for a certain application can be found, which meets all needed specifications. If the budget of the project is high enough, a customized sensor can be developed and manufactured exclusively. Eureca offers this service for CCD sensors at present with the belgium company Caeleste.

In principle the customized production of a CCD image sensor is possible even for single pieces. There are however quite large research and development costs, which make normally only sense for a certain higher production volume. If an already existing design can be modified, the development costs can be reduced. In every case there are however costs for producing the needed new lithographical. Further there exists a minimum order volume of manufactured wafers in one production run.

Eureca has all knowledge and tools to develop a new sensor design and to give an estimate of the technical specifications, which can be reached. In the last step the final design is optimized in cooperation with the manufacturer. The typical development times for a new sensor are around 6–8 months.

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Last update: 2020-30-01