Descriptionmanually controlled, high-resolution and compact fixed focal length Megapixel lens, with locking screws for C- and CS- Mount cameras by Ricoh
Articlenumber (Eureca):06.15.0018
Origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Ricoh (Pentax)
Format2/3 ″
Focal length75.0 mm
Iris TypeManual
Iris ControlManual
View angle horiz.6.9 °
M.O.D.0.7 m
Filter thread [mm]30.5 × 0.5
Dimension [mm]34.0 × 59.6
Weight125 g
Operating Temperature−20 – +50 °C

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This manual iris lens is a great choice when it comes to 2 megapixel image capture in image processing. With its exceptionally compact design and high performance, it delivers outstanding results in the inspection of high-precision manufacturing (chip mounting, wafers, board fabrication, etc.).

  • High-performance close-up lenses with 2 MP CCD and CMOS sensors
  • Sharp, high-resolution, high-contrast images with low loss of resolution from the center of the image to the edges
  • Very compact, lightweight and robust: ideal for factory automation
  • Lowest distortion: optimal for image recognition and image measurement
  • Constructed for industrial applications
  • 3 fixing screws each (plus 2 knurled screws) for focus and aperture – suitable for applications with vibrations and accelerations.

Documents for download:

Dimension drawing of the lens

Dimensions of the lens (side view)

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Last update: 05.25.2022

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