DescriptionHigh-Resolution Lens for High Magnification Imaging by Qioptiq
Articlenumber (Eureca):06.20.0068
Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Qioptiq
Designationinspec.x L 4.0/105 -3.0x Prisma
Manufacturer ID0703-105-000-20
Focal length105 mm
F-number range4–11
Image circle82 mm
Magnification Range−3.3 – −2.8 ×
Optimized scale−3 ×

To the product series

  • Outstanding MTF performance over the entire image circle
  • Diffraction-limited optical design
  • High numerical aperture
  • Focal length: 105 mm
  • Image circle: up to 82 mm
  • Spectral range: 400–750 nm
  • Iris diaphragm: manual, lockable
  • Mount: V-groove
  • Wide range of mechanical accessories

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Last update: 10.14.2021

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