Consulting and Supply of OEM Components


German distributor for FLIR industrial machine vision cameras [ 12.17.2020 ]

Eureca is now the official distributor of industrial image processing cameras from FLIR for the German market. There is a wide range of camera types to choose from with different sensor sizes via USB or GigE interfaces.

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Eureca can modify the cameras for extended applications, for example removing the sensor glass cover or applying a UV coating. We also offer the supply of suitable lenses, filters and LED lights for the FLIR cameras.

Now also lighting from OPT [ 11.11.2020 ]

The Chinese manufacturer OPT offers a wide range of different LED lights.

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Eureca offers you a large number of models from the standard lighting series from OPT Machine Vision. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of components for your application. Contact us!

ORYX series of FLIR area scan cameras updated [ 11.11.2020 ]

FLIR has updated and expanded the ORYX series of area scan cameras with 10GigE connection.

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We would be happy to advise you on the selection of components for your application. Contact us!

Eureca USB camera boards for linear sensors [ 4.28.2020 ]

Eureca offers a new family of USB line camera boards from its own production

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Based on the TCD1304DG linear sensor from Toshiba they are characterized by their small size and reasonable price.


Eureca Messtechnik GmbH specializes in technical consulting, development and supply for OEM projects. The focus is on cameras, optical measurement and thermoelectric cooling systems. We support you with comprehensive advice on the development of new devices and measuring methods and supply the necessary components for series production. Additional services and extensive accessories complete our offer.

Our most important goal is the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, the quality of our materials and services is our main focus.

For us, this means fulfilling the needs of our customers through reliable service, expert advice and correct order processing, and adhering to quality criteria agreed with them. This creates trust and recognition among our customers.


  • Image sensors by various manufacturers such as Caeleste, Sony, Toshiba, CMOS Sensor Inc., GPixel, Fraunhofer IMS and others
  • Removal of glass covers from CCD/CMOS sensors, attaching of filters, UV coatings
  • USB line scan camera boards, FireWire cameras
  • Custom development of CCD/CMOS sensors


Optics / Filters

  • Lenses by various manufacturers such as ZEISS, Ricoh (Pentax), Fifo Optics, Qioptiq, Schneider Kreuznach, OPT Machine Vision and others
  • Interference filters with high transmission, steep egde slopes and extensive blocking
  • Low cost IR filters on synthetic basis
  • Special linear lenses for scanners and surface analysis



  • Peltier elements of various sizes and cooling power
  • Heat conductive pastes and adhesives, sealing pastes
  • Many accessories as fans, heat sinks, heat exchangers, temperature controllers, temperatur sensors and much more
  • Development and simulation of peltier based cooling systems and peltier elements


Sockets for electronic devices by Andon Electronics

  • Many different types as e.g. BGA sockets, DIP sockets, LCC sockets, SIP sockets or SMD sockets
  • Types for use with a variety of components such as Batteries, Image sensors, Optoelectronics, DC/DC converters, Gas sensors, LEDs, Fuses and many more.


Services and Consulting

  • Technical/scientific consulting in the fields of CCD/CMOS image sensors, lenses and filters, lightings and thermoelectric cooling systems
  • Measuring of camera parameters, based on the recording of photo-transfer curves from which all important characteristics of a camera system can be calculated
  • Development of customized CCD/CMOS image sensors and driving electronics, optimized for a respective application and exclusive production
  • Simulation of CCD/CMOS images to assess the image quality of sensors in a camera configuration of your choice without prototyping, laboratory samples, or other hardware
  • Seminars on optoelectronic components, in which the properties and limits of these components are shown

Last update: 2020-28-04