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Artikel "Image Simulation and Analysis" in "Optik & Photonik"

On June 12, 2018, a new article by Karsten Sengebusch appeared in the journal "Optik & Photonik":

Image Simulation and Analysis

Virtual evaluation of noise and artifacts helps to optimize designs and developments


No image is perfect, except for paintings.

We have to deal with various noise sources and image sensor artifacts as well as with diffraction and other geometrical effects. The simulation of such artifacts is a great help during a design process and a perfect method for proof of concepts: Without access to any real hardware it is possible to predict and visualize the performance of opto‚Äźelectronic systems.

Algorithms for correction or analysis of image data can be developed and evaluated a long time before the imaging hardware is ready to use. The statistical methods used during the simulation process can also be used reversely to provide a deep statistical analysis of already existing images. Such an analysis as well as the comparison with simulated images can help to identify the source of artifacts and design mistakes or even be used during forensic work.

Last but not least, the reverse usage of the simulation of diffraction and wave front propagation is a very effective method for the generation of computer generated holograms or DOEs.

The whole article is freely available at

June 2018

New in our portfolio: Lenses from Kowa

We were able to expand our delivery program with the lenses from Kowa. Kowa offers a wide range of lenses for a wide variety of applications. Different series for different formats and optical resolutions are available. Particularly interesting for industrial image processing are the models of the HC-V and JCM-V series. These have a lock ring to fix the settings of the lens.

June 2018

Expansion of the assortment: Gas sensor sockets of more manufacturers available

Gas sensors sockets from other manufacturers are now also available.

May 2018

Additional 9-Megapixel Ricoh (Pentax) lenses available

We are expanding our range adding more lenses from Ricoh's (Pentax) 9 megapixel series.

April 2018

New in the range of EURECA: Microscopy objectives from Carl Zeiss

New to the EURECA range are microscopy objectives from Carl Zeiss. These lenses are often used in biology and medicine or more generally in the life science sector in the field of classical microscopes. However, EURECA's main focus is also on integrating these products into new innovative measurement techniques along with our high quality interference filters and digital cameras.

All relevant techniques such as brightfield, darkfield or fluorescence are covered. Among other things, solutions for long working distance applications are also available.

March 2018

Further lenses of the Interlock series from Carl Zeiss in EURECA's assortment

Carl Zeiss has significantly expanded its range of ultra-ruggedized industrial lenses, the Interlock series.

Five new types are now available: Interlock 1.4/25mm, 1.4/35mm, 2/35mm, 1.4/50mm and 1.4/85mm. Among them are completely new optical designs, as well as well-established constructions, which are especially popular in industrial and scientific applications. The new lenses are mostly of aperture f/1.4 and thus help to keep exposure times short.

All Interlock lenses feature a robust full-metal construction with screws to fix aperture and focus, available versions are F mount and M42 screw mount. As for all Zeiss lenses, the image circle is 43mm which allows applications with large area sensors as well as line scan applications.

January 2018

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