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Socket by Andon
without index pin
Item number (Eureca):
Insulation material:
FR-4 Epoxy
Plating Terminal / Contact:
Gold / Gold
Mounting technology:
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620-20B-SM-G10-L14-1with index pin

Dimensions of the socket (top view)

Dimensions of the socket (side view)

recommended pcb layout

This socket allows a quick and reliable replacement of the mounted components in the case of
service or damage. Moreover, these can be inserted after the production of the respective pcb,
which avoids defects during manufacture, e.g. by too high soldering temperatures.

Suitable for the following components:

Microsemi: HVL, SGSGR1844-L, SG1844-L, SGR1845-L, SG1845-L, SGR1844L, SGR1844L-EV*, SGR1845L, SGR1845L-EV*, SG1548L/883B, SG1548L, SG137AL/883B, SG137AL/DESC, SG137AL, SG137L/883B, SG137LDESC, SG137L, SG140-XXL/883B, SG140-XXL, SG2XXXL/883B, SG2XXXL, SG117AL/883B, SG117AL/DESC, SG117AL, SG117L/883B, SG117L/DESC, SG117L, SG117AHV-L SERIES, SG117HV-L SERIES, SG32825CQ, SG2825CQ, SG1825CL, SG1825CL/883, SG1825CL/DESC, SG120-XXL/883B, SG120-XXL, SG117AHVL-883B, SG117AHVL, SG117HVL-883B, SG117HVL, SG1842L, SG1842L/883B, SG1843L/883B, SG1842L/DESC, SG1843L/DESC, SG1548L/883, SG1548L, SG28XXL/883B, SG2803L/DESC, SG2821L/DESC, SG2823L/DESC, SG2824L/DESC, SG28XXL, SG1526BL/883B, SG1526BL, SG1526L/883B, SG1526L

The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Please contact us if you are interested in this device!
We would be pleased to advise you regarding the suitablility of the component for a particular application.

Stand: 07/26/2017