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SMD sockets by Andon Electronics Corp.

Pin sockets with virtually any DIP or PGA footprint can be supplied with unique floating terminals that compensate for uneven PCB surfaces, eliminating coplanarity problems. Floating pin sockets are available in open frame DIP sockets, closed frame DIP (with and without mounting holes) and PGA versions for "pick and place" equipment. They are offered in a wide selection of terminals and contact size.

Andon's surface mount gull wing and "J" lead DIP sockets are ideally suited for "pick and place." Our gull wing sockets provide maximum strength solder joints as well as easy in-circuit testing. Andon gull wind DIP sockets are available in a wide variety of configurations, including open and solid frame varieties. Andon "J" lead DIP sockets are specially designed for soldering to existing footprints. Both gull wing and "J" lead DIP sockets are available with insulators made of molded plastic UL94V-O or blue FR-4 epoxy, suitable for IR or convection soldering. All sockets feature High-Rel 4-finger socket contacts.

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Floating pin sockets

Gull wing and "J" lead DIP sockets

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