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Sockets for DC/DC converters by Power Mate

Andon provides suitable sockets for many DC/DC converters by Power Mate which enable a fast and reliable exchange of these devices for service or repair purposes.

Below you can find a cross-list about which socket is suitable for which DC/DC converter.

If necessary, modifications of the basic socket types are possible. This concerns, for example, other materials for the frame, or the design and surfaces of the terminals. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about the possible options.

Closer information including dimensional drawings can also be found in the
Overview of sockets for DC/DC converters by Power Mate .

Back to the overview of socket products by Andon for DC/DC converters.

Socket Order code
matching DC/DC converters
CSP2400-06-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0172 MPV1060S, MPV0560S
CSP3200-05-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0173 MPM-40SE, MPV4060S
C10-816-06-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0174 MPM-04V
C10-816-07-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0175 MPM-04E, MCP-02
C10-624-10-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0176 A200RHI
C10-416-09-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0177 LD24-14, LD24-16, LDM24-14
C10-620-10-02-XXX-R15-T14 01.23.0178 A100ERU
C10-622-09-03-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0179 A1500RU, A1500RW, A1200RU
C10-1818-05-02-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0180 MDCFM-10U, MDCFM-18W, MDCFM-40U-10, MDCFM-18U, MDCFM-40U, MDCFM-36W
C10-1818-05-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0181 MB100MHI, MB1000MHI
C10-624-09-02-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0182 MA300MHI, MA300RUI, MA3000ERW, MA300MHI
C10-620-08-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0183 MA300RU, MA300RWI, MA300RW, MA600RUI, MA300ERU, MA400RWI, MA400RW, MA400RU, MA500RW, MA500RUI, MA500RWI, MA400RUI, MA500UI, MA500RU, MA500WI, MA100RW, MA100RU, MA100RI
CSP1850-08-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0184 MPM-10X
C20-1618-05-02-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0185 MPM-05S
C10-1818-06-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0186 MB5000RU, MB5000RW, MB4000RU, MB4000RW, MB3000ERW, B3000RW
C10-1822-08-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0187 C6000RU, C4000RU, B2000RUI, MF3000TERU, MF3000ERU, F2500RU, F2500RW, F2000ERW, C4000ERW
C10-624-10-03-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0188 MA300R, MA600RU, MA600RWI, MA600RW, MA400X-XXRU SERIES, MA524S-05RWI-P2
C10-1818-06-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0189 I2000RU, MI2500RU, MI2500RW, 1100RU, I1500RU, MR1511S, MR2011S, B2000RW, MR1511S, MB1500ERU, MB1500ERW, MB1000ERU, MBR1000ERW, B2000RU, B2000RW, B1500RU, B1500RW
C10-620-08-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0190 MA1000RW, MA8000RW
C10-818-05-02-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0191 MI600ERW, MI600ERU, B1000RW
C10-818-04-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0192 MR0611S, MR1011S, MC2500RW, MPV1560S, MC1500RW
C10-3246-07-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0193 MPM-40X
CSP3792-06-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0194 MPM-60PB
C10-314-06-02-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0195 MG100EI, MG200EI
C10-314-06-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0196 G100E, MG200E
C10-726-06-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0197 A100UHI
C10-314-07-04-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0198 ACP100E
C10-624-07-02-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0199 MA600MHI
C10-1114-04-02-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0200 MPM-03MM
C10-1818-04-02-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0201 MPM-20EPB, MPM-07PB, MPM-10PB, MPM-10EPB
CSP2440-06-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0202 MPB-20S, MPM-25S
C10-416-06-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0203 MG200HI, MG200MHI
C10-616-06-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0204 ASC200EHI
CSP2000-08-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0205 MR75-110S12RW, MR505RW
C10-308-04-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0206 H100EI
C10-21324-05-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0207 MPM-10IS
C10-1822-08-02-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0208 MA1000RU
C10-622-09-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0209 LD48-XXW, LD48-XX
C10-620-08-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0210 MA400X-P2RU SERIES, IGBT DRIVER
C10-1818-06-03-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0211 LDB24-XXX
C10-708-05-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0212 LD24E-XX-XXX SERIES
CSP200-05-02-XXX-R27-L16 01.23.0213 LD24-14W, LDM-14W, LD24-16W, LDM24-16W
CSP200-05-03-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0214 LDM24-XX
C10-308-05-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0215 LMD12-XX
C10-1114-04-02-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0216 MDCFM-02AW, MDCFM-01A, MDCFM-02A, MPM-02V

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