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Sockets for DC/DC converters by Microsemi Corporation

Andon provides suitable sockets for many DC/DC converters by Microsemi Corporation which enable a fast and reliable exchange of these devices for service or repair purposes.

Below you can find a cross-list about which socket is suitable for which DC/DC converter.

If necessary, modifications of the basic socket types are possible. This concerns, for example, other materials for the frame, or the design and surfaces of the terminals. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about the possible options.

Closer information including dimensional drawings can also be found in the
Overview of sockets for DC/DC converters by Microsemi Corporation .

Back to the overview of socket products by Andon for DC/DC converters.

Socket Order code
matching DC/DC converters
C10-308-08-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0217 SGR1844Y, SGR1844Y-EV*, SGR1845Y, SGR1845Y-EV*, SG3842Y, SG3843Y, SG2842Y, SG2843Y, SG1842Y, SG1843Y, SG1842Y/883B, SG1843Y/883B, SG1842Y/DESC, SG1843Y/DESC, SG3842M, SG3843M, SG2842M, SG2843M
C10-318-18-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0218 SG1526BJ/883B, JAN1526BJ, SG1526BJ/DESC, SG1526BJ, SG2526BJ, SG3526BJ, SG2526BN, SG3526BN, SG28XXJ/883B, JAn2801J, JAN2802J, JAN2803J, JAN2804J, SG2803J/DESC, SG2821J/DESC, SG2823J/DESC, SG2824J/DESC, SG28XXJ, SG1544J/883B, SG1544J/DESC, SG1544J, SG2544J, SG3544J, SG2544N, SG3544N, SG1526J/883B, SG1526J, SG2526J, SG3526J, SG2526N, SG3526N
C10-632-32-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0219 ED188128CS-9
C10-432-32-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0220 ED188128CS-102
R200-0403-03T-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0221 2N6796, 2N6798, 2N6800, 2N6802, 2N6782, 2N6784, 2N6786, JANS SN7389, 2N6790, 2N6849, SG117AHVT-883B8-T, SG117AHVT-T, SG117HVT-883B-T, SG117HVT-T, SG117AHV-T SERIES, SG117HV-T SERIES, SG109T/883B, JAN109T, SG109T, SG309T, SG120-XXT/883B-T, SG120-XXT-T, SG117AT/883B-T, SG117AT/DESC-T, SG117AT-T, SG217AT-T, SG317AT-T, SG117T/883B-T, JAN117T-T, SG117T/DESC-T, SG117T-T, SG217T-T, SG317T-T, SG137AT/883B-T, SG137AT/DESC-T, SG137AT-T, SG237AT-T, SG337AT-T, SG137T/883B-T, SG137T/DESC-T, SG137T-T, SG237T-T, SG337T-T, SG78XXAT/883B-T, SG7805AT/DESC-T, SG7812AT/DESC-T, SG7815AT/DESC-T, SG78XXAT, SG78XXT/883B-T, JAN7805T-T, JAN7812T-T, JAN7815T-T, SG78XXT-T, SG140-XXT/883B-T, SG140-XXT-T, SG79XXAT/883B-T, SG7905AT/DESC-T, SG7912AT/DESC-T, SG7915AT/DESC-T, SG79XXAT, SG79XXT/883B-T, JAN7905T-T, JAN7912T-T, JAN7915T-T, SG79XXT-T, SG137AK/883B, SG137AK/DESC, SG137AK, SG237AK, SG337AK, SG137K/883B, JAN137K, SG137K/DESC, SG137K, SG237K, SG337K, SG137AR/883B, SG137AR/DESC, SG137AR, SG237AR, SG337ARSG137R/883B, SG137R/DESC, SG137R, SG237R, SG337R
F430-SP02-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0222 SG117AHV-K SERIES, SG117HV-K SERIES, SG117AHVK-883B-K, SG117AHVK-K, SG117HVK-883B-K, SG117HVK-K, SG109K/883B-K, SG109K-K, SG309K-K, SG109R/883B-K, SG109R-K, SG309R-K, SG140-XXR/883B-K, SG140-XXR-K, SG140-XXK/883B-K, SG140-XXK-K, SG137AK/883B-K, SG137AK/DESC-K, SG137AK-K, SG237AK-K, SG337AK-K, SG137K/883B-K, JAN137K-K, SG137K/DESC-K, SG137K-K, SG237K-K, SG337K-K, SG137AR/883K-K, SG137AR/DESC-K, SG137AR-K, SG237AR-K, SG337AR-K, SG137R/883B-K, SG137R/DESC-K, SG137R-K, SG237R-K, SG337R-K, SG117AK/883B-K, SG117AK/DESC-K, SG117AK-K, SG217AK-K, SG317AK-K, SG117K/883B-K, JAN117K-K, SG117K/DESC-K, SG117K-K, SG217K-K, SG317K-K, SG120-XXK/883B-K, SG120-XXK-K, SG120-XXK-K,m SG120-XXR/883B-K, SG120-XXR-K, SG78XXAK/883B-K, SG7805AK/DESC-K, SG7812AK/DESC-K, SG7815AK/DESC-K, SG78XXAK-K, SG78XXK/883B-K, JAN7805K-K, JAN7812K-K, JAN7815K-K, SG78XXK-K, SG79XXAK/883B-K, SG7905AK/DESC-K, SG7912AK/DESC-K, SG7915AK/DESC-K, SG79XXAK-K, SG79XXK/883B-K, JAN7905K-K, JAN7912K-K, JAN7915K-K, SG79XXK
620-44-SM-G10-L14-X 01.22.0070 WMF2MB-XXX5-44
620-16B-SM-G10-L14-X 01.23.0364 2N6796U, 2N6798U, 2N6800U, 2N6802U, 2N6782U, 2N6784U, 2N6786U, 2N6788U, 2N6790U, JANS SN7389U, 2N6849U, 2N6790U, 2N6800, 2N6800U
620-20B-SM-G10-S14-X 01.23.0365 HVL, SGSGR1844-L, SG1844-L, SGR1845-L, SG1845-L, SGR1844L, SGR1844L-EV*, SGR1845L, SGR1845L-EV*, SG1548L/883B, SG1548L, SG137AL/883B, SG137AL/DESC, SG137AL, SG137L/883B, SG137LDESC, SG137L, SG140-XXL/883B, SG140-XXL, SG2XXXL/883B, SG2XXXL, SG117AL/883B, SG117AL/DESC, SG117AL, SG117L/883B, SG117L/DESC, SG117L, SG117AHV-L SERIES, SG117HV-L SERIES, SG32825CQ, SG2825CQ, SG1825CL, SG1825CL/883, SG1825CL/DESC, SG120-XXL/883B, SG120-XXL, SG117AHVL-883B, SG117AHVL, SG117HVL-883B, SG117HVL, SG1842L, SG1842L/883B, SG1843L/883B, SG1842L/DESC, SG1843L/DESC, SG1548L/883, SG1548L, SG28XXL/883B, SG2803L/DESC, SG2821L/DESC, SG2823L/DESC, SG2824L/DESC, SG28XXL, SG1526BL/883B, SG1526BL, SG1526L/883B, SG1526L
620D-36-SM-G10-L14-X 01.23.0366 EDI88512CA-502
620D-32-SM-G10-L14-X 01.23.0367 EDI88130CS-141
620-32-SM-G10-L14-X 01.23.0368 EDI88130CS-12
C10-312-12-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0369 SGR1844J, SGR1844J-EV*, SGR1845J, SGR1845J-EV*, SG3842J, SG2842J, SG2843J, SG1842J, SG1843J, SG1842J/883B, SG1843J/883B, SG1842J/DESC, SG1843J/DESC, SG3842N, SG3843N
C10-416-16-01-XXX-R27-L14 01.23.0370 SG1846-J, SGR1846-J, SG1584J/883B, SG1548J, SG2548J, SG3548J, SG2548N, SG3548NSG2XXXJ/883B, SG2023J/DESC, JAN2001J, JAN2002J, JAN2003J, JAN2004J, SG2XXXJ, SG1548J/883B, SG3548N, SG79XXL/883B, SG79XXL, SG7905AL/DESC, SG7912AL/DESC, SG7805AL/DESC, SG7812AL/DESC, SG7815AL/DESC, SG78XXL/883B, SG3825CJ, SG282CJ, SG1825CJ, SG1825CJ/883B, SG1825CJ/DESC, SG3825CN, SG2825CN

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