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LCC sockets by Andon Electronics Corp.

These sockets are only available from Andon Electronic Corp. (US-Patent #5,588,847). A unique design avoids cracking of solder joints and ceramic substrate of sensitive components.

Modern LCC image sensors are e.g. packaged with up to 100 castellations (contacts). The ceramic substrate packaging presents new challenges for RoHS high temperature soldering. Historically, image sensors are soldered directly on the printed circuit board (PCB). LCC image sensors require longer soldering times for RoHS high temperature solders. Here the ceramic substrate expands while the solder joint is fixed which can lead to cracks.

The LCC sockets by ANDON can here offer even more advantages:

  • Avoid color array high temperature soldering damage.
  • Avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) production line problems.
  • Avoid cleaning solutions clouding glass cover.

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