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Sockets with integrated heat sinks by Andon Electronics

Andon Electronics presents a new version of sockets for electronic components called Heat Sink Sockets ™ , where a heat sink for the used electronic component is already integrated. By this several advantages can be combined in a single component. The socket allows an easy replacement of the used electronic device for service or repair purposes, while also providing an effective cooling during operation.

In addition there are the the well-known advantages resulting from the use of socket together with expensive high-quality components. For example these have not to be mounted already on the circuit board during the production process of an electronic module. So e.g. damage caused by high temperatures, electrostatic voltages or cleaning fluids can be avoided.

Originally the Heat Sink Sockets were developed for the use with high quality image sensors, where the image quality is significantly increased by cooling. However, it quickly became apparent that the advantages of a socket with integrated heat sink is also of interest for other types of components, as e.g. for DC/DC converters, laser diodes, optical sensors, high-performance ICs and many more.

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As the specialist for plug-in sockets, Andon offers a large range of standard sockets for thousands of different electronic components, which can be equipped with the new integrated heat sinks on request. Thanks to a flexible production chain, small and medium quantities, as well as large volumes are possible for OEM projects.

Customized modifications or complete new developments is also one of the many strengths of Andon. As an example the figures on the right side show possible versions of the new socket type for color sensors with different packages.

Eureca supports you with the implementation of your projects using this technology. Ask us for further information!

Page updated at: 12/01/2016