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Sockets for optoelectronic components by Excilitas Technologies

Andon provides suitable sockets for many optoelectronic components by Excilitas Technologies which enable a fast and reliable exchange of these devices for service or repair purposes.

Below you can find a cross-list about which socket is suitable for which component.

If necessary, modifications of the basic socket types are possible. This concerns, for example, other materials for the frame, or the design and surfaces of the terminals. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about the possible options.

Closer information including dimensional drawings can also be found in the
Overview of sockets for optoelectronic components by Excilitas Technologies .

Back to the overview of socket products by Andon for DC/DC converters.

Socket Order code
matching DC/DC converters
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0028 U 1160
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0029 VS-214R1
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0030 C30724EH2, C30737PH, C30741PFH-15S, C30741PH-15S, DPGAx1S03H, DPGAx1S09H,
PGAx1S03H, PGAx1S09H, QPGAx1S03H, QPGAx1S09H, QPGAx2S03H, QPGAx2S09H, QPGAx3S03H,
QPGAx3S09H, TPGAx1S03H, TPGAx1S09H, TPGAx2S03H, TPGAx2S09H, VS-266R1, VTB1012BH,
VTB1012H, VTB1013BH, VTB1013H, VTB1112BH, VTB1112H, VTB1113BH, VTB1113H, VTE1013H,
VTE1063H, VTE1113H, VTE1163H, VTP1012H, VTP1112H
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0031 C20724PH, VTE1261H, VTE1262H, VTE1281-1H, VTE1281-2H, VTE1285H, VTE1291-1H,
VTE1291-2H, VTE1291W-1H, VTE1291W-2H, VTE1295, VTE1295H, VTE3322LAH, VTE3324LAH,
VTP1220FBH, VTP1232H, VTP3310LAH, VTP3410LAH, VTP9812FH, VTT1212H, VTT1214H, VTT1222WH,
VTT1223WH, VTT1225H, VTT1226H, VTT1227H, VTT3323LAH, VTT3324LAH, VTT3325LAH, VTT3423LAH,
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0032 PYD 5131, PYD 5731, TPS 1T 1254, TPS 1T 1256, TPiS 1T 1252
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0033 TPD 0120, TPD 0122, TPD 0223, TPD 0623, TPiD 0128, TPiD 0228, TPS 333
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0034 C30617BH, C30618GH, C30619, C30619GH, C30641, C30641GH, C30644EH, C30645E,
C30645EH, C30645EH-1, C30662E, C30662EH, C30662EH-1, C30662EH-3, C30724, C30807EH,
C30902BH, C30902EH, C30902SH, C30921EH, C30921SH, C30971EH
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0035 C30617BFCH, C30617BSCH, C30617BSTH, C30618BFCH
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0036 VTB9412BH, VTB9412H, VTB9413BH, VTB9413H, VTP9412H
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0037 A 1050, A 1060
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0038 D 1160, D 1172
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0039 VTB8440BH, VTB8440H, VTB8441BH, VTB8441H, VTP8440H
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0040 VTB5051BH, VTB5051H, VTB5051UVH, VTP1188SH, VTP5050H
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.23.0221
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0041 A2TPMI 334-L5.5, A2TPMI 334-L10.6, PYD 1096, TPS 1T 0134, TPS 1T 0136 IRA,
TPS 1T 0136 L5.5
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0042
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0043 VTB8341H, VTL5C1, VTL5C2, VTL5C3, VTL5C4, VTL5C6, VTL5C7, VTL5C8, VTL5C9,
VTL5C10, VTP8350H
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0044 VTL5C2/2, VTL5C3/2, VTL5C4/2
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0045 V1060
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0046 C30843
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0047 VTB4051H, VTD31AAH, VTP4085H, VTP4085SH
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0048 B1060, VTB6060CIEH, VTB6061BH, VTB6061H, VTP6060H
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0049 VTB6061JH, VTB6061UVH, VTB6061UVJH
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0050 W 5560
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0051 C30723G, C30809EH, C30822EH, C30845EH, C30872EH, C30950EH, C30916EH,
C30954EH, C30955EH, C30956EH Series, YAG-200H
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0052 C30846
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0053 SGD-444-4A, YAG-444-4A
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0054 C30641EH-DTC, C30641EH-TC, C30902SH-DTC, C30902SH-TC, C30954E-DTC, C30954E-TC,
C30902SH-DTC, C30902SH-TC, C30954E-DTC, C30954E-TC, C30955E-DTC, C30955E-TC,
C30956E-TC, LLAM-1550, LLAM-1550-2PH, LLAM-1550-R2AH, LLAM-1060-R8BH
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0055 C30739ECERH Series, VTD34FH, VTD34H, VTP8551H, VTP8651H
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0056 VTB100AH, VTP100CH, VTP100H
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0057 VTD205H, VTD205KH, VTD206H, VTD206KH, VTE7172H, VTE7173H, VTP7110H, VTP7210H,
VTP7840H, VTT7122H, VTT7123H, VTT7125H, VTT7222H, VTT7223H, VTT7225H
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0058 C30985E, LM-8349RI
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0059 C86155E-10
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0060 HL2048P, RL0512P, RL1024P, RL2048P
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0061 RL1201, RL1202, RL1205, RL1210, RL1501, RL1502, RL1505
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0062 PT1109AAQ
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0213 MXA-256-1.2
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0214 HL4096P
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0215 VTA1216H Series
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0216 A2TPMI

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