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Sockets for optoelectronic components by Dexter Research

Andon provides suitable sockets for many optoelectronic components by Dexter Research which enable a fast and reliable exchange of these devices for service or repair purposes.

Below you can find a cross-list about which socket is suitable for which component.

If necessary, modifications of the basic socket types are possible. This concerns, for example, other materials for the frame, or the design and surfaces of the terminals. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about the possible options.

Closer information including dimensional drawings can also be found in the
Overview of sockets for optoelectronic components by Dexter Research .

Back to the overview of socket products by Andon for DC/DC converters.

Socket Order code
matching DC/DC converters
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0026 ST60R MICRO-TO, ST60 MICRO-TO, ST60 MICRO, ST60R MICRO, ST150, TO-5, ST150R, TO-5
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0027 M5, M34, DR34, 1SC, 1M, S60M TO-5, S25 TO-5, DR34 COMPENSATED, M14 TO-18, S60 TO-5,
S60 To-18, S60M TO5
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0208 ST60R LCC, ST60 LCC
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0087 ST60 TO-18, ST60R TO-18
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0074 ST150 DUAL, ST150R DUAL, ST120 DUAL, ST120 TO-5, DR26, ST60 DUAL, ST60R DUAL, DR34
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0209 ST60 QUAD, ST60R QUAD, ST120 QUAD
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0210 3M, DR46 COMPENSATED, DR46
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0211 SLA32
405-07-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0151 S60M TO-18, M14, S25 TO-18, S25, TO-18

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