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Sockets by Andon Electronics

Andon makes precision sockets and terminals used in the testing and board-level assembly of image sensors, optoelectronic sensors, gas sensors, DC-DC converters, fuses, crystal oscillators, batteries, power converters, relays and other sensitive devices.

Brand new: Lens Series »Dimension« from Carl Zeiss! Also new in the EURECA portfolio: Microscopy objectives from Carl Zeiss.

Also new in our portfolio: Lenses from Kowa.

Leading makers of these sensitive devices are actively encouraging their customers to solder Andon sockets – not their devices – onto the PCB, to avoid:

Device users rely on Andon’s unique SENSTAC™ sensor socket contact design, which was developed for mil/aerospace high shock and vibration 25-year life requirements, as well as numerous innovative and patented socket designs that provide unique value and a compelling return on investment.

Standard and custom sockets are available for a variety of package outlines.

Contact Eureca today with your requirements!

Due to the large number of available socket versions by Andon we decided to use different ways to present them. Below you can find first additional links to pages about the basic socket types as DIP or BGA versions. In addition, there exist also links to pages with cross-lists for product groups of different types and manufacturers, which use often sockets as e.g. image sensors or DC/DC converters.

Please contact us if you do not find the appropriate socket for your component. We're here to help!

Sockel von Andon

Andon produces a wide variety of different sockets and has over 40 years of experience in this field. Basis of most sockets is an insulating carrier, in which the required number of high-precision turned contacts (terminals) are arranged. Other types of sockets with springs for contacting PLCC components or butterfly laser diodes complete the program.

Due to flexible production facility Andon is in the position to produce both smaller quantities, as well as larger quantities for OEM projects, at low cost.

Terminal von Andon

The basis of most sockets by Andon are special terminals available in a large number of different types. In addition to the diameters and lengths of the terminals, also the surface textures by different available coatings and various insertion and withdrawal forces can be choosen. From many terminals a version for THT technology (through-hole technology) as also a version for SMD technology can be supplied.

Due to flexible production facility is Andon in a position both small quantities, as well as larger quantities of OEM projects to produce at low cost.

Page updated at: 11/10/2018