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Innovations cost a lot of time and money. In many cases, however, developments become even more expensive because important background knowledge and fundamental basics are missing. EURECA Messtechnik GmbH trains you and your employees to reduce this effort and to shorten the time from the idea to the market.

The goal is to provide the necessary know-how to enable the developers to make the right decisions and to make the necessary decisions about the used components.

An interdisciplinary team of natural scientists and engineers (physics, chemistry, biology, optics, computer science and electronics) is at your service as a consultant and accompanies your project from the initial considerations of the technical feasibility up to the market maturity.

Our training courses are individually tailored to the requirements of the customer. Training courses can be carried out as:

You can find closer information as well as an overview about possible topics at our PDF document about Trainings, Consultings and Simulations

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