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Simulating pictures
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Simulation of CCD/CMOS pictures

Even without prototype construction, labortory samples or other hardware you can receive an impression of the image quality of a sensor in a camera configuration of your choice. This is possible due to a simulation system developed by Eureca which can derive how a specific scene would be pictured from technical data of image sensor and camera based on physical principles.

This program can produce fixed as well as moving images and takes into consideration all relevant effects as photon, dark and read noise, dark current, fixed-pattern-noise (FPN), modulation and contrast transfer function (MTF / KTF), de-bayering and dynamic perimeter of the sensor. In various projects the precise compliance of the simulated and the real image has been varified and this method is used amongst others as a decision-making-aid when choosing between different sensor types.

Image of a typical surveillance camera with a wide-angle lens

simulated image: telephoto lens extract at half moon and cloudy conditions with a conventional interline-CCD-sensor

same situation with a Hawkeye 1910 sensor from Fairchild Imaging

Please note that depending on the used browser the above images may not be presented correctly. On request we gladly send out the original files and other information on our simulation services.

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