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Eureca regularly organizes seminars about optoelectronic components, which are a fundamental element of a variety of applications. In the seminars, aimed at developers and users, the characteristics and limitations of image sensors are shown. Furthermore, the assessment of important sensor characteristics and methods for their measurement are discussed.

But also for buyers and salespeople the contents of the seminars are of interest for the daily use of these very specialized and sophisticated components and in order to use important technical terms and procedures correctly.

Fundamentals on CCD and CMOS image sensors

Venue: Q1/2018 in Cologne

Contents:This seminar explains in detail the set-up of CCD and CMOS sensors and their resulting characteristics. The differences in architecture and physical limitations will be illustrated. Additionally, we will deal with measurement techniques for the characterisation of image sensors and the interpretation of specifications on data sheets.

Advanced course with topics around CCD/CMOS image sensors

Venue: 09/26/2017 in Cologne

Content: This seminar is based on our basic seminar and deals with advanced topics that are to be considered when using CCD/CMOS image sensors. After a brief refresher of the topics from the basic seminar, the topics are as described below. The seminar is concluded with an open discussion about the topics of the seminar and your questions.