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Sockets for optoelectronic components by OSRAM

Andon provides suitable sockets for many optoelectronic components by OSRAM which enable a fast and reliable exchange of these devices for service or repair purposes.

Below you can find a cross-list about which socket is suitable for which component.

If necessary, modifications of the basic socket types are possible. This concerns, for example, other materials for the frame, or the design and surfaces of the terminals. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about the possible options.

Closer information including dimensional drawings can also be found in the
Overview of sockets for optoelectronic components by OSRAM .

Back to the overview of socket products by Andon for DC/DC converters.

Socket Order code
matching DC/DC converters
R056-0403-01T-C2-G10-L14 01.25.0153 PL T4 NSB
R100-0402-06T-274K-R27-L14 01.25.0030 LY 0285, LY 0286
R100-0402-06T-75S-R27-L14 01.25.0031 BPX 65, LA 3366, LA 541B, LA 543B, LB 543C, LG 5460, LO 3366, LO 541B, LO543B, LS 3366,
LS 5421, LS 5460, LT 543C, LV 543C, LW 541 C, LY 3366, LY 543B, LY 5421, LY 5460, SFH 203 P,
SFH 203 PFA, SFH 205 F, SFH 205 FA, SFH 206 K, SFH 213, SFH 213 FA, SFH 229, SFH 229 FA,
SFH 2302, SFH 2332, SFH 4350, SFH 4550, SFH 4555, SFH 4556, SFH 4850n E7800, SPL PL85,
SPL PL90, SPL PL 90_0, SPL PL90_0-B, SPL PL90_3
R100-0403-06T-75S-R27-L14 01.25.0032 SFH 5840, SPH 5841
R200-0402-02T-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0067 BPX 61, BPW 21
405-02-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0056 BPX81, SFH 225 FA, SFH 235 FA, SFH 305
303-00556-01S-R27-L14-B10 01.25.0154 BP 104 F, BP104 FS, BPW 34, BPW 34 B, BPW 34 BS, BPW 34 F, BPW 34 FA, BPW 34 FAS,
BPW 34 FASR, BPW 34 FS, BPW 34 FSR, BPW 34 S, BPW 34 SR
405-03-01S-R27-L14 01.22.0487 SFH 5110, SFH 5140, SFH 5141 F, SPL 2F81-2S, SPL 2F81-2S-105, SPL 2F94-2S, SPL 2Y81-2S,
SPL 2Y94-2S, SPL LL85, SPL LL90
405-03-295V-R27-L14 01.25.0155 SPL LG81, SPL LG81-P
421-05-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0156 SCDQ5541P/Q/R, SCDQ5542P/Q/R, SCDQ5543P/Q/R, SCDQ5544P/Q/R
IS229-304-295V-R27-L14 01.25.0168 BPX 48
IS229-404-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0169 SFH 9315
IS229-25012-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0170 IS D201X, IS D231X, IS D235X
IS231A-312-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0171 SCD5580A, SCD5581A, SCD5582A, SCD5583A, SCD5584A, SCD55100A, SCD55101A,
SCD55102A, SCD55103A, SCD55104A
IS231B-312-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0172 SCE5780, SCE5781, SCE5782, SCE5783, SCE5784, SCE5785, SCE5786
IS229-314-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0173 SCDV5540, SCDV5541, SCDV5542, SCDV5543, SCDV5544
IS229-316-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0174 DLX413X
IS231A-324-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0163 PDSP1880, PDSP1881, PDSP1882, PDSP1883, PDSP1884
IS231B-324-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0164 IP D2131, IP D2132, IP D2133
IS229-520-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0165 IS229-520-01S-R27-L14
IS229-612-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0166 DLG1414, DLO1414, DLR1414
IS229-614-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0167 IS229-614-01S-R27-L14
IS229-618-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0146 DLG2416, DLO2416, DLR2416
IS229-620-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0147 PD243X, PD353X, PD443X
IS229-622-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0148 DLG3416, DLO3416, DLR3416
IS229-628-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0149 HS DP2110S, HS DP2111S, HS DP2112S, HS DP2113S, HS DP2114S, HS DP2115S, PDSP2110,
PDSP2111, PDSP2112, PDSP2113, PDSP2114

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