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Machine Vision and Specialty Technical Lighting

For almost 15 years METAPHASE has been focused on developing products that harness "The Quality of Light" developing, manufacturing and marketing LED lighting solutions for the machine vision and inspection industries.

METAPHASE provides an ever broadening and expanding product line with over 1000 different specialty lights and power supplies. Today there are already thousands of installations around the world and nearly every day a new application can be added.

LED Line Lights

  • Web inspection
  • Geometry measurement of long objects
  • Direct position measurement
  • Printed Circuit Board inspection
  • Tube or bottle inspection

Todays line lights for imaging applications require ultra-high intensity with unprecedented uniformity. The line lights by METAPHASE feature ease of integration and an adjustable lens to emit a narrow beam of light, which can be focused from as close as 10mm to up to several meters away. Enhanced cooling options include either integrated fans or a new computer controlled micro-flow compressed air thermal control system.

Applications include front or back illumination for high speed scanning applications as e.g. for the web converting industry. Patent pending micro-lenses produce a homogeneous beam output in an uniform and powerful straight line. Solid state performance assures 75,000 hours lifetime. METAPHASE offers the largest selection of standard length line lights available from 2" to 120" in 5" increments. This allows you to buy just the right amount of light that you need, saving you costs without compromising performance.

The high intensity line lights are available in high power MetaBright and standard MetaLight series.

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  • Critical dimension measurement as e.g. measuring the threads of a glass bottle
  • Servo positioning
  • Position measuring
  • Locating defects in flat objects
  • Packaging inspection
  • Components location verification
  • Backlighting for scanning applications

Backlights are commonly used for vision applications where a large field of view is required and the entire target is illuminated from the back side. When used alone or combined with front lightings the target will create a dark silhouette image against an uniform background, thus, providing a high contrast image and consistent edge definition of profile features. The backlights by METAPHASE are available in high power MetaBright, standard MetaLight and washdown MetaTight series.

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The new METAPHASE RoboLight is designed for longer working distances and features rugged industrial housings such as those found in industrial robotics applications. Connectorized and convenient 24VDC power requirements feature an on-board and integrated driver. This makes the RoboLights the most cost effective and "integrator ready" industrial machine vision lighting available today. Familiar four hole mounting pattern makes it easy to replace robotic LED lightings from other manufacturers without having to rework existing toolings or end-effectors.

Lightweight one piece machined aluminum housing and stainless steel waterproof versions up to IP65 are available now.

The Robolights by METAPHASE are available in high power MetaBright and washdown MetaTight series.

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Diffuse Dome / Tube Lights

  • Metal and chromed bearing surface inspection, especially when high surface finishes are expected
  • CD / DVD assembly inspection
  • Package inspection of glossy plastics and finishes
  • Inspection of metal stampings and parts with electrical contacts
  • Packaging machinery, pick and place lines
  • Automotive parts, parts present or absent control
  • Tray packaging inspection in the food industry
  • Inspecting medical device packagings and tray packs
  • Inspecting pharmaceutical blisters (form, fill and trim)
  • Control of cosmetics and makeup packaging equipment

Do you have an application requiring an all over even illumination especially where you need to remove shadows and reduce reflections on a shiny or polished surface?

METAPHASE Diffused Dome and Diffused Tube light illuminations provide an intense uniform light for inspecting objects with highly reflective, specular, round or uneven surfaces. These illuminators are durable and precisely formed to optical specifications from hydro formed aircraft grade aluminum and then painted inside and out for durability and optical purposes.

The dome lights provide a shadowless illumination and are very compact in size but big on output. According to optical engineers the dome light is arguably one the most perfect lights available because it mimics the effects of outdoor sunlight on an overcast day. The Diffused Tube Lights were invented to address the needs of lighting specular surfaced objects with high aspect ratio (wide or thin) profiles. The Diffused Dome and Tube Lights are available in high power MetaBright and standard MetaLight Series.

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LED Light Engines

The newest and brightest light engine by METAPHASE to date, was designed for direct fiber coupling of up to 8mm fiber bundles and features patent pending optical and patented thermal control technology as well as a built in 24 volt LED driver in one small compact package. Simply plug it in and experience the power of 800,000 LUX output. LED engines are typically used with optical fiber ring lights and back lights, but you surely will find applications for this lighting type, that METAPHASE hasn't even thought of yet.

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Front Lights

  • Direct lighting to illuminate a target for feature recognition
  • Lightings for robotic manipulators
  • Process lighting
  • Label printing inspection
  • Long range illumination
  • Tranlucent web back lighting
  • General illumination of wide or tall targets

The Front Lights by METAPHASE provide high density lens LED arrays and the proprietary METAPHASE thermal management technology to assure maximum LED lifetime and lowest cost of ownership. Linear Front Lights are designed for longer working distances and feature rugged industrial housings such as those found in industrial robotics applications. Connectorized and convenient 24VDC power requirements feature an onboard and integrated driver.

This makes these lightings the most cost effective and "integrator ready" industrial machine vision lightings available today. A familiar four hole mounting pattern makes it easy to replace older style robotic LED lightings without having to rework the existing tooling or end-effectors. Patented optics and a thermal control system assures a lifetime of cost effective illumination. Lightweight one piece machined aluminum housing and stainless steel waterproof versions are available now. The front lights by METAPHASE are available in high power MetaBright, standard MetaLight and washdown MetaTight Series.

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Diffused Axial Lights

  • Inspecting labels or characters on reflective surfaces
  • Wafer / die inspection
  • PCB circuit inspection
  • Surface flaws inspection

The diffused axial illuminator offers the ideal solution for compact or stationary lighting applications requiring shadowless illumination across the entire surface of an object. Axial illumination eliminates the characteristic glare and hotspots found when using in direct lighting.

The diffused axial illuminators by METAPHASE are offered in five sizes, from one inch up to eight inches square. Ask about the new rectangular illuminator ideally suited for credit card and smart card readers. The diffused axial lights are available in high power MetaBright and standard MetaLight Series.

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Ring Lights

  • Label identification
  • Direct part marking identification
  • Surface inspection
  • Illumination for microscopic stages
  • Solder pads inspection
  • Components identification
  • Inspecting features of molded parts
  • All applications where you need close-up, near-shadowless illumination with a single light source

With their familiar ring-shaped form, ring lights are probably one of the most recognizable types of close-up camera lighting available today. And it is no wonder as they are also the oldest... ring lights evolved from the familiar ring shaped task lamp magnifiers used by millions of line assembly workers; a legacy hearkening back to sometime after the invention of the first circular florescent lamps. METAPHASE LED ring lights on the other hand have been around almost since the invention of the first use of cameras for industry and are renown for their near shadowless illumination, intensity, power and 5x lifetime over fluorescents.

METAPHASE ring lights are specially designed to project an even 360 degree overlapping ring of light around a camera or lens and in most front lighting applications these ring lights are the simplest and lowest cost solution to camera lighting. LED ring lights have become so common in close-up and camera illumination you may be inclined to think that all ring lights are the same; however each METAPHASE ring light was carefully designed for each application customers brought to them.

Today METAPHASE makes ring lights in five different diameters from 3" all the way up to 5.75" and with one from row of LED's up to a whopping five. Machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum all of the ring lights METAPHASE provides are very robust. The proprietary thermal management technology dissipates the internal die temperature externally and ensures a consistent light output for many years. Three 1/4-20 tapped holes provide the ability to mount the ring light directly to the camera. Further the lights are compatible with most camera brackets for direct mounting.

These powerful ring lights are prefocused by the factory for working distances of 1.5" to 4", but also other distances can be provided as required. The ring lights are available in high power MetaBright, standard MetaLight and washdown MetaTight Series.

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Off-Axis Ring Lights

  • Illumination of scratches on reflective surfaces
  • Ball grid array (BGA) inspection
  • Water contamination inspection
  • Bottle cap inspection
  • Microscopic stage illumination
  • Inspecting of molded epoxy parts to uncover imperfections such as cracks, bubbles and structural damage

Off-Axis Ring Lights provide a near horizontal plane of light which is useful for highlighting surface defects, illuminating specular surfaces and sidelighting prominent target features.

Dark field illumination provides high contrast lighting for detecting stress, defects, finger prints, edges, dust, and bubbles in transparent materials. When the dark field light is placed behind a transparent object, intense light will appear at the edges and imperfections will be accentuated in a high-contrast manner.

The light can be operated in a continuous mode when used with the METAPHASE SSI-40DC power supply, or in a pulsed mode when used with the METAPHASE SSI-103 LED strobe power supply. These LED strobe power supplies allow operation up to 3600 pulses per minute.

The Off-Axis Ring Lights by METAPHASE are available in standard MetaLight and washdown MetaTight Series.

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High Power Flood Light

This economical multi-watt LED front light is designed for flooding large areas of light and mimics the diffuse output of a screw base PAR 38 halogen flood light. Working distances can vary from 6-18 feet or more, depending on the amount of light needed. This flood light is extremely bright and emits white light at 600,000 Lux., features the built-in driver technology by METAPHASE and comes in an alloy body thermally potted for longevity.

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Diffuse Square Light

  • Inspecting BGA, QFP and other larger format electronic components.
  • Reading large form factor barcodes and 2D style matrix codes.
  • Other square embossed or raised surfaces requiring edge or cavity enhancement.

The new MetaBright diffuse square light is a combination of three different lighting methods all incorporated into one compact package. Having the blended characteristics of a diffused front light, off-axis ring light and edge illuminated backlight its in a category by itself. Like a diffused front light the output is uniform and distributed equally from side to side.

Like off-axis lightings this light is designed to enhance edges and recesses in material surfaces, but unlike its off-axis counterpart it provides a high aspect ratio of diffusion and a tall beam shaping. Like a backlight the optical elements are comprised of trans-illuminated light pipes.

This lights characteristics and its square form factor makes it ideal for illuminating four-sided areas of interest as opposed to the round form factor of the traditional off-axis ring lights.

The Diffuse Square Light is a special light and its applications are very limited. Before specifying, we highly recommend that your application be evaluated by one of the lighting specialists of METAPHASE, who may suggest something else.

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UV LED Lighting

Some lightings by METAPHASE are also available with UV-LEDs. On request this feature is possible with nearly every other lighting type.

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Washdown LED Lights (MetaTight-Series)

Many lighting requirements today require a rugged waterproof, wash down compatible lighting solution. However tough those requirements may be METAPHASE has a lighting solution for you.

Does your specialty lighting require any of the following?

Then you should know that the new MetaTight product line is adaptable and designed to meet or exceed your specialty lighting requirements. METAPHASE uses only top grade materials like 316 stainless steel, FDA certified gaskets, NEMA 4X rated connectors and cable glands. The know how of METAPHASE combined with design expertise and experience in sealing pressure vessels and electronics instrumentation for the military enables them to tackle some of the toughest lighting applications you'll ever encounter.

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Built-in Strobe Lights

All of the lightings by METAPHASE are manufactured with additional space within the housing to add an internal compact and proprietary METAPHASE strobe circuit.

If you have a dedicated LED flash application which requires strobing for high output or motion freezing and would like to employ a dedicated strobe setting without the use of an adjustable strobe power supply; ask the knowledgeable application engineer at METAPHASE, if you can use a lighting with a built-in strobe power supply. Built-in power supplies can save you money and guarantee consistent performance. They are particularly efficient in applications requiring multiple, identical lighting set-ups and OEM applications.

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Power Supplies

METAPHASE offers a wide range of CE rated power controllers for different applications including intelligent DC constant current controllers, which recognize the LED light by type and provide the correct current to the light. PowerBoost strobe controllers provide the maximum peak strobe power and yet maintain the longevity of the light. OEM version DC modules and OEM version strobe modules are also available.

Here is an overview of the latest advances in power supplies by METAPHASE:

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Custom Designs

METAPHASE prides itself on it's comprehensive optical engineering capabilities and employs a full-time engineering staff of both mechanical and electrical engineers which can help solve all of your lighting problems... often with little or no engineering costs!

Whether your need is for one light or thousands of production units you can count on the METAPHASE team to deliver solid results. Their team will work with you from napkin sketch to assembly line manufacturing.

Did you know that the LED illumination design services by METAPHASE are being used by some of the industries largest OEM's in the USA?

It's true. Working as an ACES partner with ARROW LIGHTING (one of the largest component distributors in North America) the sister company METAPHASE LIGHTING can even help you write your lighting specification, source components, provide optical laboratory development as well as help you find the right power supply.

Unlike other off-the-shelf lighting companies METAPHASE welcomes the opportunity to review your lighting ideas and help you design a revolutionary lighting product. As a manufacturer itself their designs will always have emphasis on manufacturability and cost-to-value ratio.

METAPHASE LIGHTING can also handle other aspects of your product manufacturing including mold design and fabrication, light pipe design, injection molding, circuit card design and assembly, lens sourcing, lens manufacturing, product assembly, etc. METAPHASE LIGHTING also offers both domestic as well as off-shore manufacturing solutions.

Call us today for a no obligation consultation and put the power of METAPHASE behind your next OEM lighting or optical project!

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Color RGB Light

Color LEDs and different LED emission wavelengths have been used for years as a way to better define colored parts based on the way color affects greyscale shift. More recently color cameras are being used to process images in full color. Lighting a colored object is much different than simple back and white imaging, as colors will react according to a materials chromanance or color temperature. Using complimentary colors and color opposites can also greatly affect the ability to detect areas of interest and enhance contrast.

So far METAPHASE offers RGB in only an elite section of their lightings such as backlights, domelights and linelights but soon much of the products will be available with this exciting new technology.

Instead of changing the light from one color to another by adding color filters, imagine being able to dial in the exact shade of color light you need. As you can see from the color additive mixing diagram below it is now possible to change a lightings color characteristics electronically.

If you have an application that you know would benefit from a full color spectrum approach to lighting we welcome the opportunity. METAPHASE pioneered the first 3 color RGB LED lights and their know-how and experience continues to lead the field in this exciting new area of lighting.

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Fluorescent Replacements (Exolight)

Replace your bothersome fluorescent tubes with LED! ExoLight is a cost effective LED replacement technology that obsoletes the common used fluorescent tube. METAPHASE pioneered and patented special anisotropic plastic micro-lens diffusers to create a LED light that emits isotropic light.

What is a isotropic lighting? In short these lights are very "tube-like" in form and size, but mimic the soft diffused output of fluorescent lightings like no other ordinary diffused LED lighting can. In addition to that, these types have more power and a more stable output combined with LED's legendary lifetime and lowest cost of ownership.

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Law Enforcement Lighting

Designed to replace high power xenon strobes, this affordable strobe can project a beam of light to over 150 feet to illuminate a small target.

This light features a NEMA rated polymer all weather vapor tight enclosure. Strobe pulse widths are adjustable from long pulses of light all the way down to the micro second range. Strobe control options include dedicated built-in strobe modules or remote controlled external controller options. Integrated mounting hardware is included to assist installation in virtually any environment.

This Long Range Strobe is available in Red, White, Blue, Green, Amber and InfraRed.

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